Monday, December 4

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for a year in prison for a hate crime against a man who uttered racist insults to the owner of a bar

“Black shit”, “go to the jungle” or “these blacks don’t steal from me” were some of the expressions used by a man accused of alleged hate crimes and disobedience to authority on January 16, 2022.

The man sits on the bench of the accused before the second section of the Provincial Court of Valencia next Friday, as reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community.

The defendant went to buy tobacco in a bar in Valencia and thought that he was missing a euro from the change. When the owner of the establishment explained that he was not going to give him the euro he was asking for, the man insulted him with racist expressions such as “shitty black man”.

In addition, when National Police agents came, the defendant attacked them — he called them “faggots” — and showed great resistance during the arrest.

The hate crime section of the Valencia Provincial Prosecutor’s Office provisionally requests a prison sentence of one year and two months for the alleged crimes of hate and resistance.