Monday, November 28

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for up to 21 years in prison for those accused of 3% of Convergència

Criminal organization, administration fraud, corruption between individuals, influence peddling, money laundering, prevarication and bribery. It is the plurality of crimes that those accused of the 3% Convergència case face, among which the former treasurer Andreu Viloca and the former minister Germà Gordó stand out, who are exposed to the highest penalties: the prosecutor asks them for 21 years and 18 years and 10 months in prison respectively.

More than two years after Gordó and the others investigated in the case were prosecuted, the Prosecutor’s Office has formalized their accusation. In recent months, Anticorruption has held talks with some of the defendants, who have achieved substantial sentence reductions and will avoid going to prison in exchange for confessing their participation in the plot.

In his writing, advanced by The vanguard and to which has had access, prosecutor José Grinda also requests that the Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC), currently in the liquidation phase, and its successor, the PDeCAT, pay three million euros in fines as being responsible for the system of illegal financing of nationalist formation.

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