Tuesday, February 27

The Prosecutor’s Office asks López Madrid and Villarejo for 13 years in prison for coercion and injury to Dr. Pinto

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office asks for 13 years and two months in prison for businessman Javier López Madrid and retired police officer José Manuel Villarejo for the harassment and injuries caused to Dr. Elisa Pinto. This is the original cause in which the aforementioned participate, the woman as a victim and the two men as investigated, which has been instructed for seven years in the Investigating Court number 39 of Madrid.

In its indictment, the Public Ministry speaks of “repeated” threats and coercion against the dermatologist so that she would not report the harassment to which Juan Miguel Villar Mir’s son-in-law was subjecting her and which included warnings to one of the doctor’s children , younger, at the school gate. The Prosecutor’s Office also considers that there are indications to charge for the attack with a knife that the doctor suffered and that she attributes to Commissioner Villarejo in person.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for three years for each one for a continued crime of coercion, one year and eight months for threats, one year and six months for a crime against the Administration of Justice and two crimes of injuries each punished with three years and six months. from jail

The crime of bribery for the alleged hiring of Villarejo, an active official at the time, by López Madrid in relation to the same “harassment”, is investigated in a separate piece of the Tándem case in the National Court. Judge Manuel García Castellón issued an order to pass to an abbreviated procedure, the equivalent of processing for crimes punishable by less than nine years, last July and in February of this year the Criminal Chamber rejected the businessman’s last resort, which leads the case to trial.