Monday, November 28

The Prosecutor’s Office asks to dismiss the lawsuit against Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo for calling Pablo Iglesias’ father a terrorist

The deputy of the PP Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has warned this Wednesday that condemning her for calling the father of former Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias a terrorist would be “a way to legitimize the FRAP.” The Zamora Prosecutor’s Office has requested the dismissal of Francisco Javier Iglesias’ lawsuit for allegedly attacking his honor.

The accused herself has confirmed this novelty after the trial held behind closed doors in the Court of First Instance number 3 of Zamora, the city where the plaintiff resides.

The details of the case date back to May 2020, when Álvarez de Toledo referred to Pablo Iglesias, then the second vice president of the Government, as “the son of a terrorist”. The one who at that time was the spokesperson for the PP in Congress made this statement in the parliamentary headquarters and repeated it later in statements granted to the ABC newspaper.

In June of that same year, the aforementioned, Francisco Javier Iglesias, confirmed his intention to sue the political leader, from whom he has requested compensation of 18,000 euros.

After the trial held in person in Zamora, Iglesias and his lawyer have refused to make statements to the media, while Álvarez de Toledo has stood before the microphones to ensure that he has gone to the judicial headquarters with the aim of “declaring that the earth is round”.

In the opinion of the PP’s policy, this fact is as obvious as saying that “a person who was a member of a terrorist organization can be classified as a terrorist without harming anyone’s honor.”

In this sense, Álvarez de Toledo has once again repeated that “the FRAP is a terrorist organization” and has listed some of the occasions in which both the plaintiff and his son, Pablo Iglesias, have recognized that Francisco Javier belongs to this organization. cluster.

Specifically, the parliamentarian has cited an article by Pablo Iglesias about the death of Santiago Carrillo, a message on social networks and an interview granted by the plaintiff to the newspaper Público in 2020: “He said that he belonged to the committee for the creation of the FRAP”, The deputy warned.

Stupor before the strategy of the accusation

From there, and after praising the arguments of his defense, Álvarez de Toledo has expressed his astonishment at the strategy used by the accusation: “They have done something surprising, like saying that these were family jokes, or something even more extravagant, like point out that the Public interview contained errors that he has not corrected later ”, the accused has slipped.

With those words in court as a backdrop, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has remarked that, if she is convicted, it would be “a way to legitimize the FRAP”, whose victims she has remembered supported by a book by Carmen Ladrón de Guevara on the victims of extreme left-wing terrorism: “Frapero pride is incompatible with violated honor”, the accused has settled, hoping that the case will be archived.

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