Thursday, July 7

The Prosecutor’s Office asks to revoke the third degree that allows Juana Rivas to serve a sentence at her home

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested the revocation of the third prison degree granted to Juana Rivas and that allowed her to leave the ‘Matilde Cantos’ Social Insertion Center (CIS) of Granada on June 15 to fulfill the sentence of two years and six months in prison imposed by the Supreme Court for the abduction of his two minor children.

Juana Rivas enters prison to serve her sentence of two and a half years in prison

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The lawyer of this mother from Maracena (Granada), Carlos Aránguez, has condemned that the Prosecutor’s Office has made this request to the Penitentiary Surveillance Court, because “in simple terms”, what is asked is that Juana Rivas “enter prison”, what he has described as another “act of judicial institutional violence” against his client.

Aránguez has thus defended in a statement that, as estimated by the Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions at the proposal of the Treatment Board of the CIS Matilde Cantos, “each and every one of the requirements established in the legislation to grant the third degree is met penitentiary”.

Along with this, he has shown his “perplexity” that “almost a month after this decision was adopted – which allowed Juana Rivas to leave the CIS – its revocation is requested, just when a pardon of which – as he adds – the judge and the prosecutor assigned to the Criminal Court 1 of Granada improperly reported negatively, being clear that the jurisdiction corresponds to the Supreme Court. ”

This occurs because it was the high court that issued a sentence estimating her appeal and reducing Juana Rivas’s sentence by half, from five to two and a half years in prison.

“Neither the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court nor the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court have issued their report to date, which of course can be favorable or unfavorable to our claims, since they are not linked to the opinion so strangely issued by the judge and prosecutor of Granada “, has claimed the lawyer, who advances that they will exercise all legal actions to prevent” Juana from being locked up again. ”

Rivas’ defense has specified that while it is resolved on the prosecutor’s request to revoke the third degree, she “will continue in her current situation”, that is, serving a sentence at her home supervised by a telematic control bracelet.

Juana Rivas voluntarily appeared at the CIS on June 11 to comply with the order to enter prison decreed by the Criminal Court 1 of Granada after the Supreme Court’s conviction and left on June 15, after the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions will classify it in third degree, applying article 86.4 of the Penitentiary Regulations, which means serving the sentence at home with a telematic bracelet.