Saturday, September 25

The Prosecutor’s Office believes that Juan Carlos I enriched himself with “commissions and international business”

The Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office assured the Swiss authorities that Juan Carlos I amassed his fortune by working as a commission agent on an international scale. According to the rogatory commission sent to Switzerland in February this year to request information about the accounts of the King Emeritus, the Supreme Prosecutor, Juan Ignacio Campos, affirms that the monarch would have received “commissions and other benefits of a similar nature by virtue of his intermediation in international business affairs ”, reports The World.

In that request for information to the Swiss authorities, the prosecution also points out the crimes that Felipe VI’s father could have incurred. There are four: “Money laundering, against public finance, bribery and influence peddling.”

The information requested by the Spanish prosecutor from the Swiss authorities corresponded to the accounts of the Zagatka Foundation between 2016 and 2019. This organization, headed by a cousin of Juan Carlos I, Álvaro de Orleans, is the one that it has paid for the high pace of life of the former monarch. Zagatka’s full accounts and information, as disclosed the newspaper El País last June, they were forwarded to the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office last May, three months after the request.

The Spanish prosecutor, in his arguments before the Swiss justice, argues that he is investigating “acts of concealment, transformation, transmission, conversion and / or possession of funds.”

The Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating for a year the fortune of the emeritus king and the possible collection of commissions as well as the concealment of this fortune from the Treasury. Among other things, it is investigating whether it charged tens of millions of euros for intervening in the award of the AVE works to Mecca to Spanish companies or whether it hid part of its assets in Jersey, as well as the use of opaque bank cards. In parallel, the representation of Juan Carlos I has presented several tax regularizations before the Spanish public coffers to try to avoid the opening of a criminal case without the Public Ministry having filed any complaint against him before the Supreme Court.

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