Tuesday, July 27

The Prosecutor’s Office denounces Father Báez for justifying the sexist violence exercised by Tomás Gimeno

The Las Palmas Prosecutor’s Office has agreed to denounce the parish priest Fernando Báez Santana, known as father Báez, for an alleged crime of justifying sexist violence in light of his statements in various media and on social networks about the mother of the girls who disappeared in Tenerife after take them away her father, from whom she was separated. In a letter made public this Tuesday, the Public Ministry reports that it has adopted this decision after completing the investigation initiated to assess the demonstrations made by the priest last June in which he blamed the mother of the girl Anna and Olivia of the happened.

Father Báez, the histrionic priest who excuses the crime of the girls of Tenerife and whom the Church does not finish sanctioning

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For the Prosecutor’s Office, these statements may constitute a crime of discrimination provided for in article 510.2.b of the Penal Code, punishable by penalties of six months to two years in prison. Specifically, this crime is committed by anyone who “praises or justifies by any means of public expression or dissemination the crimes that have been committed against a group, a part of it, or against a specific person by reason of belonging to that group for racist reasons. , anti-Semitic or others referring to ideology, religion or beliefs, family situation, the belonging of its members to an ethnic group, race or nation, their national origin, their sex, sexual orientation or identity, for reasons of gender, illness or disability, or to those who participated in its execution “.

The controversial priest from Gran Canaria attributed the behavior of Tomás Gimeno to the “infidelity” of the mother of the girls Anna and Olivia, statements that were disavowed and rejected by the Bishop of the Canary Islands, José Mazuelos, at first and that, later, culminated with his removal.

Bishop Mazuelos agreed to remove Báez from his office as parish priest in Gran Canaria and cautiously prohibited him from officiating the Eucharist for having blamed the mother of the girls Anna and Olivia for his death. Likewise, he demanded not to make, in his capacity as a priest, demonstrations and statements in the media or through social networks in a decree that Mazuelos signed on June 16.


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