Sunday, December 10

The Prosecutor’s Office denounces the former judge Presencia for slandering Supreme Court magistrates and requests the closure of his website

In recent years, former judge Fernando Presencia has directed his accusations against any magistrate, prosecutor or member who, in some way, would have aggravated him in his years as a judge in Valencia or Talavera de la Reina. Now the Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court has gone on the counterattack and has denounced the former judge for disseminating on his website that more than half of the members of the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber have millions hidden in tax havens. They accuse him of a crime of libel or slander and another against the high institutions of the State and demand the precautionary closure of the web page of his association.

Royuela File: a prevaricating judge and a far-rightist tell you what nobody wants you to know

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Fernando Presencia worked as a commercial judge in Valencia until the General Council of the Judiciary sanctioned him for organizing courses without authorization, when he began working in Talavera de la Reina as dean. It was there, from his court, where he illegally favored two friends in two court cases, events that cost him final convictions for prevarication by the Supreme Court and expulsion from the judicial career.

Since then, the former judge – who still presents himself as a magistrate – has dedicated a good part of his efforts to charging against the members, prosecutors and judges who at some point have signed or endorsed some of his convictions or sanctions. More recently, it has begun to do so through its Association Against Corruption and in Defense of Public Action (ACODAP), sometimes relying on documentation from what is known as the ‘Royuela File’, according to which a criminal plot led by prosecutor José María Mena has ordered hundreds of murders in Spain without presenting more evidence than documentation of unknown origin.

The latest complaints from Presencia have been directed against the members of the criminal chamber of the Supreme Court, who in the coming months had to decide on a sentence that could lead to jail for insulting a prosecutor. According to the former judge convicted of prevarication, nine members of the second court have accounts in tax havens with millions of euros hidden. Also included in that group is Carlos Lesmes, the president of the General Council of the Judiciary.

None of those referred to by these alleged information bombs of Fernando Presencia had decided to denounce him so as not to give him more publicity, as several affected have explained to this newspaper in recent months, but that trend has just changed. If a few days ago it was Lesmes who put the case in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office, now it has been the Public Ministry that has brought his case before the Justice accusing him of various crimes.

The complaint, to which has had access, is signed by the lieutenant prosecutor Jesús Alonso and accuses Fernando Presencia of two crimes: one of libel or slander and the other against high state institutions. He also demands, as an urgent measure, that the website of his association be closed and that an interview he offered in a State of Alarm be removed from the internet, launching all these accusations against a dozen members of the Supreme Court’s criminal chamber. For a few days that link is no longer available on the channel directed by Javier Negre, where Presencia has participated on several occasions in the last year.

It also asks that Fernando Presencia have to testify as a defendant in the National High Court as well as all the magistrates affected by his information based on allegedly false data and documentation. This is a new front opened for the magistrate after court 6 of the National High Court sent his case to the Talavera courts for allegedly using false documentation to feed his complaints.

In that case, the Presencia complaints were not directed against Supreme Court magistrates, but against other public figures: José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Dolores Delgado, whom he accused of having millions of euros hidden in tax havens and of being part of the network who organizes clandestine assassinations in Spain. Other of these accusations, based on the supposedly false documentation of the Royuela family, have also been directed against a judicial official who is processing her eviction process.