Tuesday, July 5

The Prosecutor’s Office denounces the Hospital of Medina del Campo for the abuse of an anesthetized minor by a traumatologist

The Valladolid Prosecutor’s Office has denounced the directors of services of the Hospital de Medina del Campo for alleged abuse of an anesthetized girl by a traumatologist who died in a traffic accident on the same day that she was suspended from employment due to the public complaint they made 26 hospital workers.

As reported by the public prosecution in a statement, after studying the facts, it has forwarded to the Dean Court of Medina del Campo the actions carried out as a result of the communication by the Ministry of Health of the complaint signed by the workers in which they were related abuse of women, both in consultation and in the operating room.

At the moment, the investigation has detected possible inappropriate physical contacts of the deceased doctor with some women in that hospital, however, the alleged crime does not have a judicial journey, since the alleged perpetrator has already died. However, the Prosecutor’s Office does consider it necessary to judicially investigate the lack of referral to this same Prosecutor’s Office or to the Court of the communication reflected in the system of the hospital itself dated September 30, 2019 in which an alleged abuse was reported and described. to a minor, of whom the patient’s parents were not informed, so she has made a complaint to those responsible for the hospital and directors of services who had knowledge of such events, as such inactivity could be constitutive of a crime of omission. As reported by elDiario.es, the abuses had occurred for at least more than two years. After the workers’ complaint, the Board opened a confidential information and the inspector found a complaint made in 2019 through the Sisnot system, the system for the notification of incidents without damage in the centers of the Regional Health Service of Castilla y León. It is a computer application from which professionals report incidents anonymously. The notification reaches the managers of the center where this incident has occurred and solutions are sought so that it does not occur again.

In this case, a nurse reported that while she was with the doctor in the operating room with an anesthetized girl, she observed how her hands were “outside the surgical map” (uncovered area in which she is operated on) and under the sheet. The worker recounted in the text that she was moving in the operating room until she “interposed” her body between the hands of the doctor and the little girl. This complaint not only did not bring consequences, it is that, as indicated by the Prosecutor’s Office, neither was it investigated, nor was the girl’s parents informed.

Until last June the 26 workers did not send a letter to the hospital management denouncing “inappropriate touching” and “libidinous” of women by the traumatologist, the matter did not leave the center. AMP, a recently retired nurse who worked for 30 years at the Medina del Campo Hospital, assured this newspaper that she had been a witness.

However, once the case went beyond its walls, and the Regional Health Management announced the opening of a reserved information while communicating the complaint to the Prosecutor’s Office, there was a trickle of resignations that began with that of the managing director of the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Valladolid and the Hospital de Medina itself, José Manuel Vicente. He was followed in later days by the medical director, Laura Gil, the director of Nursing, Teresa Sánchez, the head of the Traumatology area, José Ángel Sanz, and the head of Anesthesia, Juan Carlos Álvarez.

One day before the Board opened the reserved information, the aforementioned traumatologist died when the car he was driving collided head-on with a truck on the León highway, near the municipality of Ceinos de Campos.

The investigation of alleged sexual abuse, the resignation of part of the management team of the hospital and the death of the doctor, turned the small county hospital into a pressure cooker. While the complaint letter was signed by nurses, assistants and orderlies, presumed witnesses to the events, a second letter in support of the deceased and requesting the presumption of innocence, came to light, this time, it was signed by a majority of doctors. They denied the abuses and claimed that no one had hidden them.