Sunday, March 26

The Prosecutor’s Office files the complaint for embezzlement against the mayor of the third city of Galicia

The Prosecutor’s Office has requested the file of the case that investigated the mayor of Ourense, Gonzalo Pérez Jácome, for an alleged crime of embezzlement of public funds. The facts investigated by the Public Ministry were based on an anonymous complaint that accused the councilor of diverting 100,000 euros from the accounts of his party, Democracia Ourensana, between 2015 and 2018, years between which Pérez Jácome was mayor of the opposition.

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Specifically, he was studying the withdrawal of two checks by the leader of Democracia Ourensana for an amount of 20,000 and 30,000 euros each. In addition, he was also investigating the payments made by the municipal group for the license for the Auria TV television space, owned by the current municipal councilor, which amounted to almost 100,000 euros. The case caused the investigating judge of the same to present, last week, a writ of abstention, after it transpired that the alderman had hired his wife as an adviser.

The step back of the Prosecutor’s Office, confirmed to Europa Press by a judicial source, has been advanced by the councilor himself, who stresses that the investigation examined “each and every one of the movements” of funds made “and that there is no incriminating evidence ” because “they are justified”. “All the invoices that were subject to payment appear in the DO accounts and were contributed at the time to the Court of Auditors, which did not raise any objection in this regard,” says the formation led by Pérez Jácome.

The investigation now archived started from an anonymous complaint that led to a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office. It was not the only case opened against Jácome during his mandate. In August 2020, councilors from their own party reported irregularities in the training funds to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which they abandoned. Later, the PP, which shared government with Jácome, did the same. The popular returned to the cabinet months later.