Tuesday, October 26

The Prosecutor’s Office finalizes the closure of the triple investigation against the emeritus king without denouncing him

The Prosecutor’s Office intends to close the triple investigation into the fortune of Juan Carlos I without denouncing him for any of the causes that it maintains open today. A movement that, as advanced today The confidential, will launch the Public Ministry after more than a year of investigation by the Office of the Supreme Court and Anti-Corruption with three open lines: the commissions for the award of the AVE to Mecca, the use of opaque cards and the millions that allegedly hid in Jersey tax haven.

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The decision, points out that media, will materialize in the coming weeks. According to this information, the prosecutors in the case have come to the conclusion that Juan Carlos I cannot be denounced in any of the three cases due to the crossed action of his immunity as monarch until 2014, the prescription and the validity of the regularizations that he has made to be at peace with the Treasury.

The arguments have not yet been put in writing and different sources in the case insist to elDiario.es that they continue to work on the case but the decision, according to this information, has been taken and will be released in the coming weeks. In case of having wanted to denounce the emeritus king, the Prosecutor’s Office would have to have presented charges against him before the second chamber of the Supreme Court for his apologetics.

The Public Ministry focused its investigations on the Supreme Court a year and a half ago. A team of specialized prosecutors headed by Juan Ignacio Campo, today a lieutenant prosecutor of the high court, began by analyzing whether Juan Carlos de Borbón charged more than 60 million euros in commissions for the award to Spanish companies of the construction of the AVE to Mecca and whether later he hid this money from the Treasury abroad, incurring a tax offense. In this case, investigators have been clear for months that any possible crime was buried by his inviolability as king by having collected this money, supposedly, in 2008 and therefore six years before his abdication.

Another of the investigations was uncovered by elDiario.es: the use of opaque credit cards by Juan Carlos I and members of his family. In this case, the defense of the monarch paid more than 600,000 euros to the Treasury to try to make a voluntary regularization and thus avoid the bench. A movement that, according to the intention of the Prosecutor’s Office, has worked.

The third leg of the case revolved around a report by the anti-money laundering authorities on the existence of a millionaire fund linked to the monarch emeritus in the former tax haven of Jersey. This investigation was announced by Dolores Delgado herself. Shortly after, the emeritus king made a second regularization, this one for almost 4.5 million euros, to try to meet all the expenses that the Zagatka Foundation of his cousin Álvaro de Orleans provided him for years.

In this case, the money came from various businessmen friends of Juan Carlos I. Some of them recognized the newspaper El País that they chose to make a personal credit and not a donation to avoid paying taxes. The filing of these three cases will occur despite the fact that, as explained by elDiario.es, the Prosecutor’s Office has been alerting the monarch of the opening of different cases and that some of them were already known through the media for when the regularizations were made.


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