Sunday, October 17

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates a professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona for sexual harassment

The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation for alleged sexual harassment of a teacher at the Institut del Teatre, Boris Dausà, who the same center reported to the Public Ministry when it transferred the disciplinary file opened as a result of an investigation by the newspaper ARA on harassment in the center.

Sources from the Prosecutor’s Office have explained that the investigation has been reserved, which has been opened as a result of the file that the Institut del Teatre sent to the Prosecutor’s Office when it found “signs of sexual harassment” in the teacher’s conduct, reports Europa Press .

Last week the Institut del Teatre announced that it had delivered the file to the Prosecutor’s Office, and explained that it had initiated it to determine the responsibility of the teacher as a result of a report prepared in May by the Commission for the Prevention and Investigation of Sexual Harassment, linked to to the institution’s protocol for the prevention and detection of harassment.

Once the investigation by the Barcelona Provincial Council was completed, and given that the indications of sexual harassment had been confirmed, the Institut del Teatre informed the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which will now investigate possible criminal responsibility.

Regarding the other professor denounced by the students, Joan Ollé, the Institute suspended his file due to the teacher’s retirement, a situation that prevented him from applying his administrative disciplinary regime, although the institution is considering taking him before the Prosecutor’s Office.

The commission opened the investigation based on an instance presented by a student, and from that moment the teacher was removed from the classrooms as a precautionary measure. In the letter, the Institut del Teatre informs the Prosecutor’s Office of the facts so that it can carry out the procedures and investigations it deems appropriate, and determine if there is criminal responsibility in the teacher’s conduct.

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