Tuesday, October 26

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates TV3 because a magician said that he spoke Spanish to appear “worse”

The Barcelona Hate Crimes Prosecutor’s Office investigates a TV3 entertainment program in which Mag Lari, a famous Catalan magician, said, disguised as a squid, that he spoke in Spanish to sound “more evil.”

According to sources from the public prosecutor’s office, the Prosecutor’s Office has decided to open proceedings to investigate the complaint filed by the Hablemos Español association, and has assigned the investigation to the area specialized in Hate Crimes and Discrimination, reports EFE.

The investigation of the Prosecutor’s Office, which has advanced The world, derives from a complaint that the Hablemos Español association presented last August, for an episode of the program “L’Au Pair” on TV3, a space in which famous people act as babysitters for children whom they do not know.

In the program that gave rise to the complaint, the illusionist Mag Lari intervened, who dressed in a squid costume played with a girl to whom he said “I am the giant squid, I come to eat the princess”, to later point out: “I speak in Castilian because that way I seem worse. ”

The complaint filed by the Hablamos Español association asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate whether those responsible for this program had committed a hate crime by allowing said broadcast. A spokeswoman for the regional television has indicated to the Prosecutor’s Office has not yet notified them of this investigation, on which, she added, they do not share the approach.


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