Wednesday, August 10

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates two threatening tweets against the family who requested 25% of classes in Spanish

The Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation decree to assess whether the threatening tweets of two users of the social network against the Canet de Mar family (Barcelona) have criminal relevance, who requested 25% of classes in Spanish.

A score of Catalan schools already teach more Spanish in some classes by court order

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The investigation, which is in a premature state, has been opened as a result of the complaints presented to the Prosecutor’s Office by the extreme right party Vox and the entity We speak Spanish against the tweets against the family that two users wrote, the mosso d ‘squad Albert Donaire and former professor of the Autonomous University of Barcelona Jaume Fàbrega.

“I am going to stone this child’s house. Let them go out of Catalonia. We do not want Castilian supremacists who hate us,” wrote Fàbrega, in a tweet that he later deleted. The former teacher, a well-known gourmet, has a history of exits from tone in the networks.In 2018 he resigned as a professor at the School of Tourism and Hotel Management, assuring that the Ciudadanos party was “the cancer of Catalonia.”

For his part, Donaire wrote a tweet in which he asked that the youngest in Canet de Mar’s P5 class, who has been teaching 25% of classes in Spanish since Thursday, be “absolutely alone” in the classroom. “In the hours that are done in Spanish, the other children should leave the class. Let’s react or they will kill our language,” added Donaire, by profession Mosso d’esquadra and who expresses without filters his openly independentist positions on social networks. After the tweet Donaire apologized and declared against bullying.

The dissemination of these tweets caused the Generalitat, since the beginning of this week, to make repeated calls for calm. The last one was carried out this Thursday by the Minister of Education, Josep González Cambray, from the doors of the Turó del Drac school in Canet de Mar, which this Thursday began to apply 25% of classes in Spanish in a group of P5 by order of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

Despite criticism of the judicial decision, both the Generalitat and the center’s management and the families in favor of maintaining the immersion have resignedly complied with the judicial decision, although they have regretted that the position of a single family against immersion forces a change the entire linguistic model of a course.

After the lawsuit filed by a single family, the TSJC forced the center to teach 25% of the subjects in Spanish in a P5 class, which should begin to apply this Thursday. The court thus followed the path that, according to data from the Generalitat, has applied in another 80 cases of individual lawsuits from families against linguistic immersion.

Apart from the opening of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, the TSJC has requested the Minister of Education and the management of the Canet center to take “the necessary measures” to preserve the identity of the minor and his family as well as to ensure “the normal coexistence and the peaceful development of the educational environment”.