Monday, May 23

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates whether the nun and doctor Teresa Forcades prescribed prohibited treatments to seriously ill patients

The Manresa Prosecutor’s Office is investigating whether the nun and doctor Teresa Forcades has prescribed medications prohibited by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products for human use, sources from the Prosecutor’s Office have explained to Europa Press. According to her has advanced ‘The country‘, specifically the prosecutor is investigating whether he committed an alleged crime against public health by prescribing false remedies to patients with cancer and other diseases.

The Prosecutor’s Office opened the investigation after receiving a complaint from the Col legi de Metges de Barcelona (Comb), and has asked the Mossos to investigate it. In a statement, the College of Physicians has specified that it is allegedly sodium chlorite —known as MMS— and that “the indication of these products would have been made in the care of patients with serious illnesses, who would also have been allegedly prompted to deviate” from valid medical treatments.

The Comb has added that it notified the Prosecutor’s Office at the end of January and that they had already warned Forcades that as a doctor “she could not indicate, recommend or disclose theories or treatments (products or procedures) prohibited for human use or without scientific evidence.” The whistleblower directly informed Pope Francis that the nun allegedly prescribed illegal treatments and he ordered him to report, according to Vatican sources.

Forcades has denied to EFE that she has ever prescribed unauthorized substances and has assured that she is unaware that the Prosecutor’s Office is investigating her for this reason. In statements to the news agency, the nun has acknowledged that the College of Physicians opened a file on her in 2018 for defending the use of sodium chlorite as a possible medicine for various diseases and threatened to take her to the Public Ministry, although she has not received since then no communication of it.

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