Monday, December 4

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 120 years in prison for the alleged murderer of Marta Calvo for the crimes of homicide and sexual abuse

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested sentences for Jorge Ignacio Palma totaling 120 years in prison for sexual abuse as a necessary means for a crime of homicide committed against Marta Calvo, Arliene Ramos and Lady Marcela Vargas, sexual abuse against seven other women and a crime against the public health.

Trial for the death of Marta Calvo, Arliene Ramos and Lady Marcela Vargas: a “femicide” of vulnerable women

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The accusations in the jury trial of the confessed author of the disappearance of Marta Calvo and alleged murderer of two other young women, Jorge Ignacio Palma, and the Prosecutor’s Office presented their conclusions this Thursday, after Palma declared in the court on Wednesday Court of Valencia that did not kill any of the women.

For the deaths of the three women, he requests 15 years in prison for each of them, absolute disqualification, supervised release for ten years when he serves prison and compensation of 90,000 euros for the parents of Marta Calvo, 180,000 euros for the children – minors – from Lady Marcela Vargas and 22,000 euros for the sister of Arliene Ramos.

The Prosecutor’s Office initially requested 130 years in prison for three crimes of homicide, eleven of sexual abuse and one against public health, which have been reduced by ten years due to the withdrawal of the private accusation of one of the women.