Sunday, July 3

The Prosecutor’s Office requests the internment for four of the five minors accused of raping two girls in Burjassot

The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office has requested the internment in a closed regime for four of the five minors detained as alleged perpetrators of a sexual assault on two 12-year-old girls in the Valencian town of Burjassot. For the fifth of the young people involved, the public ministry has requested supervised release with removal. The resolution is pending the judicial decision, as confirmed by the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office.

The National Police arrested this Wednesday afternoon five minors, between 15 and 17 years old, as alleged sexual aggressors of two 12-year-old girls in an abandoned house in Burjassot. One of them would be a gang rape of five boys, and the other by a single aggressor. As reported by the newspaper Raise-EMV The event would have taken place last Monday afternoon after contacting the girls through Instagram with two of those who would end up being their aggressors, whom they did not know, and meeting them at a point between Burjassot and Godella.

The newspaper explained that, according to the first investigations, already in this abandoned house one of the young men wanted to have complete sexual relations with one of the girls, but that by refusing she would have forced the victim violently. Meanwhile, four other friends of the first two young people would have gone to the place and raped, along with the first boy, the other minor.

One of the victims escaped and alerted a friend.

One of the victims was able to notify a third friend through the same social network while she was still in this abandoned house, and she in turn explained it to her parents, who notified the National Police.

The National Police was immediately launched together with the local police from Burjassot, and from Godella and Rocafort – neighboring towns – to locate the house and the minors, who are not residents in the area. After inspecting various similar properties to no avail, news of them was heard around 11 pm, when a girl arrived at her home and the other was on her way to hers.

The parents of one of the raped minors accompanied their daughter to a hospital where signs compatible with a sexual assault were certified and after that they reported to the police.

The National Police investigates the cases through the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM), the facts have been brought to the attention of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and the protocol has been activated so that the girls receive the assistance required as victims of a sexual crime.