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The Prosecutor’s Office warns of the “worrying” and “unjustified” criminalization of unaccompanied foreign minors

The State Attorney General’s Office has warned of the “worrying” criminalization suffered by unaccompanied foreign minors in 2020. “In an unjustified and discriminatory manner, they are held responsible for the insecurity and crime they suffer in certain neighborhoods, giving rise to acts of harassment. , hostility and violence, “says the annual report of the Public Ministry, released this Monday.

Data that denies a “social problem” with foreign minors such as the one that Justice sees in the Vox poster

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According to the report, various prosecutors, especially those in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​have expressed concern about the dissemination of false information in which migrant minors are linked to an increase in crime. “It must be remembered that this is a particularly vulnerable group that, as foreigners, adds to their lack of personal and family roots and, above all, that of minors,” the document adds.

Specifically, the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has filed two complaints for crimes related to the dissemination on social networks of videos with disinformation “that linked violence and sexual assaults with this group.” In addition, “various prosecutors” have launched investigations into this type of attack on migrant minors.

The warning issued by the State Attorney General’s Office in its annual report, which compiles the data for 2020, coincides with the campaign for the autonomous elections of the Community of Madrid, in which Vox encouraged xenophobic discourse against unaccompanied foreign minors, especially after the placement of a poster in the Madrid station of Sol, in which he attacked, with false information, these adolescents with false information. In July, the Provincial Court of Madrid endorsed the announcement, arguing that these kids “represented an obvious political and social problem.”

The analysis of the few existing official data (which refer only to foreign minors, regardless of whether they are in foster care or live with their families) does not show a correlation between the increase in the arrival of migrant children and crime. In 2018, Spain recorded one of the highest numbers of migrant adolescent arrivals traveling without the company of an adult, closing the year with 12,500 foster children. However, that same year, the Memory of the State Attorney General’s Office detected the second lowest percentage of foreign minors (whether alone or accompanied) investigated and detained since 2010.

The Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations also detected between March and April an increase in racist messages published on social networks against this group. Data from the Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia indicate that attacks against these kids account for 28.6% of the total messages located in the same period, which is why they doubled their weight over the total registered in the previous two months.

According to the figures presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, 3,307 migrant minors have arrived in Spain by boat without the company of an adult throughout 2020, 15% more than in 2019. The majority, 97.6% are children ; while the Public Ministry has only identified 79 girls. 42% of these minors come from Morocco, followed by those from Mali (17.4%), Algeria (16.6%) and Senegal (13.2%).

As of December 31, 2020, the Registry of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors of the Ministry of the Interior had registered 9,030 minors under the guardianship or foster care of protection services, although the Prosecutor’s Office warns of the update problems experienced in 2020 due to the pandemic. Of these, 8,161 are boys and 869 girls. According to the memory of the Public Ministry, last year there was a “significant decrease” of 34.27% compared to the 12,417 minors registered in 2019.


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