Friday, December 3

The Provincial government launches new subsidized credits for small agricultural producers

“We know that many times small producers cannot access credit, so from the Ministry and Banco Provincia we work together to change that reality with accessible rates that allow the strengthening of production and local development”said Rodríguez and added: “The Plan Provincia en Marcha seeks to boost production, generate greater added value, more employment in each of the regions and, therefore, a truly comprehensive development scheme for the Province.”

For his part, Cuattromo said: “We signed agreements with the Ministry of Agrarian Development of the Province, which allows us to work in coordination with all the tools that the provincial State puts in place to bring concrete solutions to Buenos Aires producers and producers.” He also remarked: “The team led by Minister Javier Rodríguez has been doing an exceptional job searching for specific solutions, and we as a Bank and as a Group are coordinating development banking actions that imply making all available financial instruments available.”

“In Provincia Fideicomisos we believe that it is extremely important to consolidate mechanisms that allow strengthening the growth and economic development of agricultural producers based in the province of Buenos Aires, therefore, from the Province in March Trust Fund we participate to strengthen capacity, efficiency and scope of public policies promoted by the Ministry of Agrarian Development, to collaborate in adding value to all productive activities related to the sector, ”said Giardina.

Meanwhile, Formento stressed: “This signature allows us to deepen our work on joint public policies. We have been making progress with the municipalities, and this time with the Ministry, through its trust, to finance small and medium agricultural producers and a special line for agroecological production, with subsidized rates, which is a source of soft financing for a sector that needs assistance. It is a pride and an honor to be able to give a new source of financing to these sectors ”.

Scope of subsidies

The line provided by Banco Provincia, through Provincia Microcreditos, has a subsidy for small and medium producers of 15 percentage points, granted by the Ministry of Agrarian Development through the “Fondo Fiduciario Provincia en Marcha”.

The Trust Fund will also offer a special rate subsidy of 24 percentage points to agro-ecological producers destined to increase the working capital, as a complement to the direct lines that the Fund already offers to the sector.

Meanwhile, the Fruit Strengthening Line offers financing at affordable rates with a 2-year grace period on capital and with a percentage point subsidy during the grace period, granted by the Ministry of Agrarian Development, through the “Fondo Fiduciario Provincia en Marcha”, while the Buenos Aires agrarian portfolio finances another two years on 75% of the interest payments.

Finally, through the Sustainable Agro Line, investment projects are financed for the implementation of biodigesters, which allow us to improve the care of the environment through the use as a resource of production waste. In this case, there is a term of up to 4 years for the repayment of the credit at accessible rates, subsidized by 4 percentage points by the Ministry of Agrarian Development, through the Trust Fund.

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