Tuesday, March 21

The PSC and the comuns disgrace the independentists for not having told the truth in the Juvillà case

The hangover from the withdrawal of the CUP deputy Pau Juvillà from the seat continues. The president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs, has been singled out this Saturday by her theoretical ERC partners, while the opposition extends the request for explanations to the whole of the independence movement, which it accuses of not having told the truth in the case of the dismissal of the anti-capitalist parliamentarian .

Borràs endorses the ‘via Torrent’ and leaves the suspension of Juvillà in the hands of officials

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In his speech at the Vallès Oriental PSC assembly, the leader of the opposition, Salvador Illa, asked Junts, ERC and the CUP for “respect for the institutions and for the truth”. According to Illa, the independentistas “have not had the courage to say things by their name” in the case of Juvillà, who was finally stripped of his act by the Parliament in application of the order of the Central Electoral Board (JEC) despite the fact that the Chamber had approved to keep it until it had a final sentence.

“Let them tell us when they knew that Mr. Juvillà stopped being a deputy and what day he stopped being a deputy, out of respect for the truth,” Illa launched to the independentistas. “Gesticulation puts institutions at risk,” lamented the opposition leader, who has also charged ERC for his rejection of the labor reform. “Are the ERC leaders more to the left than the workers’ representatives? Come on, man!” he asserted.

The comuns have directly accused Borràs of “deceiving” the citizens in the Juvillà case. The spokesman for En Comú Podem in Parliament, David Cid, has demanded that Borràs and the pro-independence supporters appear before parliament to clarify the facts. “Partial and deferred explanations are not worth us,” he warned. “We feel cheated,” Cid insisted, while stressing the “seriousness” of Borràs not informing the deputies in Thursday’s plenary session that Juvillà was no longer a parliamentarian.

For Cid, it is “evident” that Borràs and the pro-independence majority must appear in Parliament to give explanations about the Juvillà case. “Neither the ERC nor the CUP can escape responsibility because, in the end, this battle for hegemony between these three parties has paralyzed Parliament and they have not explained what was happening to the parliamentary groups as a whole,” he argued. .

For his part, the leader of the ERC, Oriol Junqueras, has indicated that Borràs has withdrawn the seat from Juvillà, sentenced in the first instance to six months of disqualification for not removing yellow ties in 2019 when he was a councilor of the Lleida City Council, before that his predecessor, Roger Torrent, did with former president Quim Torra. The Torra episode earned the Republican an avalanche of criticism from Junts.

“You all know that there were those who criticized the actions of the President of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, in his day, who acted after a final ruling by the Supreme Court. In this case, the President of the Parliament has decided to act long before there is a decision of the Supreme”, he stated.

It should be remembered, however, that both in the case of Juvillà and Torra, Borràs and Torrent have had their deputy minutes withdrawn without a final ruling: the Supreme Court confirmed Torra’s conviction in September 2020 and the president had not been a deputy since January. Torrent did act after the Contentious Chamber of the Supreme Court rejected the precautionary measures on the Torra seat, an extreme on which the High Court has not yet ruled in the Juvillà case.

“We are not here to reproach anyone, but to once again call for the unity of the democrats against repression,” Junqueras clarified after criticizing Borràs. The president of the Parlament has remained silent this Saturday after advancing on Friday in an act of the ANC that would give explanations about the withdrawal of the Juvillà act, since she considers that she has been “very intoxicated” and she has, as she has said, “the film complete”.