Thursday, September 16

The PSC demands from the Government more transparency in decisions about the pandemic

Yellow card from the PSC to the management of the pandemic of the new Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon. After a summer in which COVID-19 has once again been the protagonist of the Government’s management, with clashes with the Justice and a notable drop in the vaccination rate, the Socialist deputy Assumpta Escarp has sent a letter to the Minister in which calls for greater transparency in the decisions made by the Executive to contain the pandemic and to improve dialogue with opposition parties.

“We have confirmed once again that it is enormously difficult for the team of the Department to maintain regular contact with the parliamentary groups and specifically with the one that is the first party of the Parliament of Catalonia”, censors Escarp, who adds: “As we have always followed the wheels from the press, we do not mind doing so at all, but we believe that the institutional loyalty and support that the Government expects for its measures, ultimately the fight against COVID-19, deserves more regular contact and follow-up. ”

The Socialist deputy emphasizes some of the latest decisions made by Salut, such as “the start of the school year, changes in the epidemiological criteria of the curfew or changes in protocols or the slowing down of the vaccination process.” In Escarp’s opinion, all these measures “require explanation”, which is why he announces a battery of questions in the Chamber.

Specifically, on the slowing down of vaccines, the Socialists recall that at the time the Ministry had promised to put “all the vaccines they send us, if they send.” In view of the fact that this summer the doses could not be inoculated, the PSC claims to know exactly both the received and injected doses and, also, if Salut considers that it no longer needs more.

To finish, Escarp also demands a response to the proposal for a Pact to exit the Pandemic that the PSC formulated and that, according to the deputy, has not yet received a response from the Government. “Today it is more current than ever, seeing the favorable evolution of the data and the preparation of the budget for the year 2022”, considers the head of health at the PSC.

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