Thursday, December 1

The PSC offers itself to the Government to negotiate the Catalan budgets but asks it to “step on the accelerator”

The PSC continues to hold hands with the Government to negotiate next year’s budgets although, after the first meeting held, they consider that they will have to hurry if they want to approve the accounts within a “reasonable period of time”. The Socialists have met with those responsible for the Economy of the Executive to learn the first guidelines of the economic project. Despite the good weather, those from Salvador Illa have urged the Government to “step on the accelerator” in order to have new accounts in a reasonable time, because, in their opinion, there is “a long way to go”.

In a note sent after the meeting, the PSC has verified that the Government has already given up approving the economic project so that it enters into force on January 1, due to the lateness of the calendar. However, the socialist delegation reiterates its predisposition “to open a sincere, responsible, realistic and honest budget negotiation”. Last week the socialist leader, Salvador Illa, had already called for a “classic negotiation” on the budgets, a formula with which he ruled out offering his votes for free and without talking about the content.

Despite the fact that the Socialists have reiterated their willingness to negotiate the accounts, from the Government the preference remains not to count on them or, at least, only do so as a last resort. The preferred sum of those of the ERC goes through obtaining the support of Junts and also of the comuns, a formula that was already possible in the last two exercises and that, now, none of those questioned rules out.

Both Junts and En Comú Podem have also sat down at the Government table to discuss the accounts but, at the same time, both have made it clear in recent days that things will now be somewhat more difficult than in past budgets. On the part of Junts, recently out of the Executive, the wish is that their priorities are clearly reflected in the accounts, for which they have announced that they will prepare and send a decalogue in which, among other things, they will present their demands on taxes .

The comuns also have claims on taxes, and probably incompatible with those of Junts. Jéssica Albiach’s group proposes increases in personal income tax in the highest brackets, those with more than 175,000 euros of income. A policy with which they believe they could obtain up to 85 million euros. “The budgets will be the test of cotton as to whether ERC is still installed in continuity or wants change,” Albiach explained in this newspaper.

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