Sunday, February 5

The PSC requests an investigation commission for the changes in the leadership of the Mossos

The PSC will join the petition to open an investigation commission on the changes in the leadership of the Mossos d’Esquadra. The Socialists have announced this Tuesday that, after hearing yesterday the appearance of the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, they consider that there is “a clear will to cover up cases of corruption” from the Government, for which they understand that the replacements must be examined in Parliament.

The Socialists had waited to hear Elena’s explanations before deciding on the commission, which they ultimately deemed necessary. The spokeswoman Alicia Romero has emphasized the change not only of the major Josep Lluis Trapero, but above all of Toni Rodríguez, the mayor who directed the judicial investigations from the General Criminal Investigation Police Station (CGIC), some of them related to alleged cases of corruption that affected the Government itself.

“We believe that the best way to resolve these doubts, to know what is happening and to know the political will of the Government, is for the minister to explain why they are interested in covering up and not clarifying the corruption cases that the Mossos were investigating” , has indicated Romero, who has explained that they will propose the investigation commission in the next plenary session.

Before the PSC, the deputies of Vox, Ciudadanos and PP had already requested an investigation commission on the same case. With the adhesion of the Socialists, the proposal would have the support of a third of the deputies and three groups, so the creation could be automatic. “We would like the maximum number of possible groups to join, which yesterday were critical of Minister Elena,” Romero claimed.

The relief of Trapero and twenty charges in the Mossos police leadership has been very controversial, especially after this newspaper published a special report detailing various investigations carried out by the major and members of his team , such as the mayor Toni Rodríguez, which affected different politicians from Convergència, Junts or in the orbit of the party.