Tuesday, October 19

The PSC suspends a councilman arrested for robbing a taxi driver from membership

The PSC has suspended its membership and has proposed the expulsion of the party’s councilor in Cànoves i Samalús (Barcelona) Eduardo Beltran, who was arrested earlier this week in the Catalan capital for assaulting a taxi driver and stealing his vehicle. As reported by the party, the guarantees commission will process Beltran’s expulsion file.

Agents of the Barcelona Urban Guard arrested Beltran after he stole the vehicle at gunpoint from a taxi driver in the Port area, he has advanced elCaso.cat. Minutes before the assault on the taxi driver, Beltran would have posed as an agent of the Civil Guard to rob two men who had given him cash, supposedly in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

In addition to getting the cash, Beltran stole two mobile phones from them, the location system of which allowed agents to find and detain him in the Horta neighborhood after the victims reported the theft.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC), the Barcelona guard court received the detainee this Thursday in an open case for the crimes of robbery with violence and theft and use of a motor vehicle. The magistrate has agreed to the provisional release of Beltran with the withdrawal of his passport, a ban on leaving Spain and an obligation to appear before the court.


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