Saturday, December 10

The PSC would extend its victory in the Catalan elections while Junts sinks, according to the CEO

The PSC continues to increase the distance with respect to the rest of the parties in the polls. According to the barometer made public this Wednesday by the Center d’Estudis d’Opinió (CEO) of the Generalitat, the Socialists would now achieve between 35 and 41 deputies, a substantial increase from the 33 achieved in February of last year. In second place is ERC, which is not far from victory but still does not catch up with those of Salvador Illa with between 30 and 36 deputies. The most important setback would be suffered by Junts, which would sink to between 19 and 24, a significant loss from its current 32 seats.

On the opposite side is the PP, with growth that would place them in fourth place, between 11 and 16 seats. For Alberto Fernández’s party it would be a historic result in a decade, after several legislatures that had given ground to Ciudadanos or Vox. Behind the PP, and with results that could also improve the current ones, would be the CUP, with between 8 and 12, and the Comuns, with between 8 and 10.

The extreme right of Vox would remain between the 6 and the 10 representatives, which denotes the wear and tear of a formation that had achieved 11 in February of last year. Finally, Citizens would be between the 6 seats and the disappearance, confirming the bad forecasts of the party.

The field work of this CEO barometer was carried out between September 27 and October 21, that is, during the crisis between the two major independence parties that led to the departure of Junts from the Government. The results of this study show that the Republicans are ahead in the struggle for independence and that in fact they could almost double their Junts rivals in seats. The decline of those of Laura Borràs is so pronounced that not even the growth of the other pro-independence parties manages to save the bloc, which as a whole could be left without an absolute majority for the first time since the beginning of the procés.