Friday, June 9

The PSE-EE denounces a graffiti attack on its headquarters in Hernani to “intimidate the socialist candidates”

The general secretary of the PSE-EE of Gipuzkoa and candidate for general deputy, José Ignacio Asensio, has expressed his “resounding condemnation” of the graffiti that the socialist headquarters of Hernani suffered last night and has denounced that this attack seeks to “intimidate the socialist candidates.

As reported by the socialist formation, unknown persons have painted the facade of the PSE-EE in Hernani with red paint, phrases in which you can read ‘Ares, López hilda’, in reference to the spokesman for Congress, Patxi López, and to the former Secretary of Organization of the PSE-EE, Rodolfo Ares; the surname of the Government delegate in Euskadi, Denis Itxaso, with a crosshair in his last letter and ‘Zipayos’, and ‘Cabacas’, in reference to the Athletic Bilbao supporter when he died from a rubber ball from the Ertzaintza .

Asensio has sent a message of solidarity and support to both Patxi López and Denis Itxaso, as well as to the family of Rodolfo Ares, who recently died, the candidate for mayor of Hernani, Ricardo Crespo, and the rest of the members and supporters of the Gipuzkoan town, as well as the Ertzaintza.

For the socialist leader, this is an act of “pure vandalism” and “those who have done it, hidden under the anonymity that the night gives them, remain anchored in the past and thinking that with these attacks they can achieve something.”

Thus, he has warned them that “not even when ETA killed the Socialists were they intimidated and continued to defend freedom and democracy, and now they will not do so either.” In addition, he has ensured that those responsible for these graffiti have a “long road ahead to understand what respect and plurality of Gipuzkoan society is.”

For this reason, he has claimed the importance of the PSE-EE “coming out stronger” in the upcoming elections on May 28 because, as he has said, “we are the guarantee of a plural Gipuzkoa, where the rights of all citizens” and so that “no one has to tell us how to think, feel or what language to speak”. “We fight for the rights of the social majority, guaranteeing the plurality of society”, he concluded.

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