Friday, September 24

The PSOE accuses the PP of “violating all the laws for their own benefit for years” before the blockade of the Judicial Power

The position seems irreconcilable between PSOE and PP for the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ), despite the last call for its renewal by its president, Carlos Lesmes, at the opening of the judicial year -the third that he stars in functions-. Pablo Casado urges his charges to blame Sánchez for the blockade while the Socialists raise the tone against the main opposition party, which they accuse of “hijacking” the Constitution and the institutions. “For years, for decades, the PP has violated all the laws that it could for its own benefit,” has sentenced the deputy secretary general, Adriana Lastra, who considers that Casado does so out of “personal and partisan” interest at a time when There are former senior officials of Mariano Rajoy parading in court in cases such as Gürtel or Kitchen.

Casado asks in the internal arguments of the PP to blame Sánchez for the blockade of the Judicial Power

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Lastra sees in Casado an “irresponsible and undemocratic” opposition and points to the PP for “delegitimizing the General Courts” by blocking institutions, such as the CGPJ, but also the Constitutional Court or the Ombudsman, who have been in office for years; but also for now pretending that the judges are the ones who elect their governing body. The Socialists close in on this proposal of the PP because they consider that the current system -which requires a three-fifths majority to elect the members- represents popular sovereignty compared to a system of internal election of the judicial career, which is very conservative.

The number two of the PSOE has emphasized that it is the PP who fails to comply with the Constitution -which establishes five-year terms for the Judiciary- when recalling that an agreement was even reached in 2018 that the conservatives blew up when presuming a spokesman at the time In the Senate, Ignacio Cosidó, in a WhatsApp message to his fellow ranks, of “controlling” the Supreme Court when the candidates for the CGPJ members were already appearing in Congress. “If you do not have scruples in breaching the very Constitution while in the opposition, we can get an idea all Spaniards of what he would do if he ever came to the Government,” said Lastra.

The socialists accuse the PP of seeking “strange excuses” to maintain the blockade, such as the participation of United We Can in the negotiation, the veto of José Ricardo de Prada -who was one of the speakers of Gürtel’s sentence- or now the proposal to change the law that they remember that has been in force for more than three decades. “We are not going to value any more excuse than those put by the PP. They delegitimize the result of the Cortes and it is something very serious for democracy,” he has settled in a press conference after the meeting of the executive of the PSOE.

But one of the issues that most worries the PSOE is the increase in the price of electricity. Sánchez has insisted before his followers on the message that the Government wants to convey and that he himself expressed in an interview in El País: that the final receipt in 2021 from consumers will be similar to that of 2018. When he was in the opposition, Sánchez criticized the increase that occurred then the Government of Mariano Rajoy, although the price of gas had not grown exponentially as now.

Lastra has listed the measures that the Government has put in place, such as the reduction of VAT or the promotion of self-consumption, and has ensured that initiatives will continue to be activated so that the bill does not reach final consumers bulky. “We are adopting measures and we continue taking measures,” said the socialist leader: “This party fulfills its commitments.”

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