Tuesday, July 5

The PSOE advances the deadlines to accelerate the departure of Susana Díaz

Neither the leadership of the PSOE nor the future candidate for the Junta de Andalucía, Juan Espadas, want Susana Díaz to continue at the head of the Andalusian federation. Despite the fact that the former president offered to collaborate until the next congress and assured that she was taking a step aside in political decisions to leave the path clear to the mayor of Seville, her entrenchment at the head of the PSOE-A makes Ferraz uncomfortable. The Socialist leadership has decided to advance the deadlines to have room for maneuver to accelerate the departure of Díaz given his refusal to resign.

The permanent commission of the PSOE, which met this Monday in a blended way without Pedro Sánchez, who was in Barcelona to deliver a speech on pardons to the imprisoned pro-independence leaders, has decided to advance two weeks the Federal Committee in which it is going to formally activate the machinery for the 40th federal Congress to be held in Valencia in mid-October. The appointment will take place on July 3 and not on July 17, as originally planned. In that conclave, in addition to the official convocation, the framework presentation will be approved that will serve as the basis for the resolutions that come out of that congress in which Sánchez will be reelected and will take the opportunity to reinforce the leadership of the party.

With this maneuver, Ferraz also gains margin to advance the primaries to the general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE. On paper, regional congresses have to be held after the federal one, but this move allows at least the election of the new leader to be earlier and thus force the departure of Díaz due to his refusal to resign. “We are organizing calendars,” say socialist sources.

Advancing the election of the replacement for Díaz is the only formula they have found in the leadership of Sánchez since, after his victory in 2017, the drastic formula of striking down a leader became practically an impossible mission in the internal regulations of the party. “We are not going to set up a management company like with Tomás Gómez,” said sources from the socialist leadership last week. In addition, the leadership wanted to give a certain margin for Díaz to digest the defeat and leave of his own free will. Hence, last Monday the Secretary of Organization, José Luis Ábalos, cooled down the activation of the route to kick it out, although his mandate was terminated. The Socialists redoubled the pressure for the former president to resign, although prominent leaders suggested that she would resist as long as possible.

Ferraz was on the sidelines until the meeting that Espadas and Díaz held last Friday and in which the former president insisted on her refusal to leave office. Faced with this situation, Sánchez’s leadership opts for accelerating the steps to definitively end his time at the head of the PSOE-A. The socialist leadership did not even invite the regional executive to an event organized in Seville this Sunday on the conference presentation, but which served as the first rally to enthrone Espadas.