Sunday, December 3

The PSOE agrees with ERC, Bildu and Más País to investigate the involvement of the PP in the ‘Operation Catalunya’

Congress will give the green light this Thursday to the creation of the third investigation commission on the implications of the governments of Mariano Rajoy in what are known as ‘police sewers’. Specifically, on this occasion the parliamentary work will be aimed at clarifying ‘Operation Catalunya’, a vigilante network organized by Jorge Fernández Díaz’s Ministry of the Interior to persecute pro-independence political leaders. That commission will focus on finding out what political responsibilities are behind the construction of false evidence by security forces and access to private information without judicial authorization.

ERC, Bildu and Más País registered the investigation request after it was made public that the Andorran Justice admitted a lawsuit to investigate Mariano Rajoy, Cristóbal Montoro and Jorge Fernández for the alleged crimes of threats, extortion, coercion and blackmail. The left-wing formations demanded in their writing “the knowledge of the irregular plots by the members of the governments from the moment to the present”, a wording that has finally been modified.

The commission will go ahead after the socialist group has agreed with these formations that the commission temporarily adhere to the PP governments, which is the one that weighs the judicial actions. “The purpose of the Commission will be to investigate the actions of the Ministry of the Interior during the Popular Party government in relation to the alleged irregularities that link high-ranking police officers and commanders, as well as their relationship with possible private networks or pressure groups, the possible interference on the sovereignty of other countries and the connections of this plot with the so-called ‘Operation Catalunya’, reads the final document.