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The PSOE approves its lists for the Andalusian elections with only 11 of its 33 current deputies in starting positions

The Steering Committee of the PSOE-A, meeting this Friday in San Juan de Aznalfarache (Seville), has unanimously given the green light to the lists proposed by the Regional Executive Commission for the candidates with which the party will compete in the eight provinces to elections to the Andalusian Parliament called for June 19, which materialize a broad renewal that translates into the fact that only eleven of the 33 regional deputies that the Socialist Group has had in the XI Legislature appear in starting positions on the validated lists.

The electoral advance opens the PP-PSOE pulse for the center in Andalusia

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In addition, seven of the eight ‘number ones’ are new compared to those who occupied those first positions in the previous regional elections of December 2, 2018, so that only the current deputy secretary general of the PSOE-A, Ángeles Férriz, repeats as head of the list for the province of Jaén.

Specifically, according to the approved lists, consulted by Europa Press, in Almería it will be the general secretary of the provincial PSOE, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, the head of the list headed by José Luis Sánchez Teruel in 2018, while the president of the Diputación de Cádiz , Irene García, will lead the candidacy for that province, instead of the former Vice President of the Board Manuel Jiménez Barrios.

For Córdoba, the former mayor of the capital and current secretary of Municipal Policy for Large Populations of the PSOE-A, Isabel Ambrosio, heads the candidacy, thus relieving the former president of Parliament Juan Pablo Durán, while, in Granada, the secretary of Organization of the PSOE-A, Noel López, take over from the former general secretary of the provincial PSOE Teresa Jiménez at the head of the socialist list.

The deputy spokesperson for the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament in the last stretch of the XI Legislature, María Márquez, has been proposed by the Provincial Executive as head of the PSOE list for Huelva, thus taking over from the former parliamentary spokesperson Mario Jiménez, which will occupy number four of the candidacy. As number two is the spokesman for the Provincial Executive Commission of the PSOE of Huelva, Enrique Gaviño, and the secretary of Citizenship and Social Rights of the PSOE-A, Susana Rivas, as number three.

In Malaga, Senator Josele Aguilar will lead the candidacy to replace José Luis Ruiz Espejo, who was head of the list in 2018, while, finally, the secretary general of the Andalusian federation and candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Juan Espadas, She will opt for a seat in the Andalusian Parliament at the head of the list for the province of Seville, as Susana Díaz, who then led the party and is now a senator by regional appointment, did three and a half years ago.

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Taking into account the complete composition of each of the provincial lists, only eleven of the 33 regional deputies who have completed the eleventh legislature of the Andalusian Parliament as members of the Socialist Group occupy starting positions in the socialist candidates for the elections on June 19 .

Among them are José Luis Sánchez Teruel and Noemí Cruz, deputies for Almería in the XI Legislature and numbers three and four, respectively, on the list for 19J; Noelia Ruiz, who will occupy the number five position on the list for Cádiz, and Gerardo Sánchez, who has concluded the legislature as deputy spokesperson for the Socialist Group and who will attend the next elections from number three on the PSOE-A list for Granada. .

Also, María Márquez and Mario Jiménez, numbers one and four for Huelva on the list that has been validated by the Steering Committee; Ángeles Férriz, Jacinto Jesús Viedma and Mercedes Gámez for Jaén –constituency for which they will again run in these next elections from the first three positions of the socialist candidacy–, and José Luis Ruiz Espejo, who is running again for Málaga, although this time as number three after having headed the PSOE-A ballot in 2018.

To these names must be added those of the former general secretary of the PSOE in Seville Verónica Pérez, parliamentarian of the XI Legislature who will attend the elections on June 19 from position number six of the socialist candidacy, while, in Córdoba, none of the four parliamentarians who have completed the legislature elected by said constituency –Rosa Aguilar, Juan Pablo Durán, Soledad Pérez and Jesús María Ruiz– are on the list made up for the next regional elections.


In addition, the lists validated by the Steering Committee do not include any of the directors of the Board in the government stage of Susana Díaz who participated in the 2018 elections, which were Rodrigo Sánchez Haro for Almería, Manuel Jiménez Barrios for Cádiz, Rosa Aguilar for Córdoba, María José Sánchez Rubio for Granada, José Fiscal for Huelva, Felipe López for Jaén, Javier Carnero for Málaga, Antonio Ramírez de Arellano, Francisco Javier Fernández and Sonia Gaya for Seville.

In the elections of December 2, 2018, the PSOE-A was the most voted party and obtained 33 deputies in the Andalusian Parliament, although it was left without governing for the first time in the history of autonomy thanks to the agreement reached by the PP and Citizens to govern in coalition and Vox’s support for the investiture of Juanma Moreno as president of the Board agreed with the ‘popular’.

By provinces, the PSOE-A won three seats in those Andalusian elections for Almería, four for Cádiz, the same number as for Córdoba, for Granada, for Huelva, for Jaén and for Málaga, and six for Seville.


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