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The PSOE asks Moreno for explanations about the Marbella plot: “We see a direct link between the mayor and a criminal organization”

The PSOE has announced today that it will ask for explanations from Juan Manuel Moreno (leader of the Andalusian PP), Alberto Núñez Feijoo (president of the PP) and Elías Bendodo (general coordinator) for the connection of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, with the plot of drug trafficking and money laundering investigated by the National High Court. “We are going to ask Moreno Bonilla and Bendodo for explanations. I will ask them if the image of Malaga is that a criminal organization is allowed or given coverage here, ”José Bernal, spokesman for the Marbella PSOE, said on Tuesday. Juan Espadas has also asked for explanations of “whether or not there has been trafficking in favors and support for this network of companies” which the judge considers a tool for laundering drug money.

The National Court accuses the husband of the mayor of Marbella of criminal organization and drug laundering

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In response, the PP of Marbella has expanded the target of its threats by publishing information regarding public works awards to CODECOSOL, the company allegedly used for laundering money obtained from drug trafficking by a plot led, according to Judge Manuel García Castellón, by the stepson of Mayor Ángeles Muñoz. In recent days, elDiario.es has revealed that CODECOSOL obtained at least five awards in procedures without competition for more than 640,000 euros.

The Marbella PP spokesman has classified them as a “lynching campaign”, hours after this medium published emails proving that, outside the ordinary channels provided by law, Muñoz’s husband (prosecuted by the National Court ) sent a quote from CODECOSOL, the company presumably used by a partner of his son for money laundering, to change the pavement on Avenida Manolete to a private email from his wife. With this offer, CODECOSOL finally obtained a works contract valued at 60,000 euros.

“They have to explain why a construction company without roots in the city gets 640,000 euros in five awards. A company that is unable to win a free contest because they are by invitation or direct award. Why is that company invited and given the work by hand? ”, Bernal asked, adding that he has already asked the city council for all the contracting files with this company.

Josele Aguilar, regional parliamentarian of the PSOE, has announced that his group will request the appearance of President Juan Manuel Moreno in the Andalusian Parliament, and “explanations” to Alberto Núñez Feijoo (low senator) in the Senate.

The PP points to the PSOE by the emails

Enrique Rodríguez, spokesman for the Marbella PP, has responded by assessing that the revelations about the awards are part of a “campaign orchestrated by the PSOE to subject the mayor to a clear lynching.” Rodríguez has targeted the socialists because the local PSOE filed a complaint in 2017 with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in which the emails, hitherto unknown and today revealed by elDiario.es, were provided.

Julio Martínez Carazo, prosecutor of the Marbella area, commissioned an expert opinion on the works and ended up shelving the case, warning that the origin of the complaint “forces extreme zeal” in the examination of the evidence available, due to the political rivalry between the PSOE and the PP.

In the complaint, the lawyer explained that the emails were on a flash drive that had been deposited by an anonymous motorist at the PSOE headquarters, something that Rodríguez described today as “rocambolesque”, before asking himself: “How has the PSOE accessed to those emails? Has the PSOE of Marbella incurred at any time in an illicit acquisition and disclosure of private communications?

“Direct link of Mrs. Muñoz with a criminal plot”

Meanwhile, Ángeles Muñoz, who two weeks ago threatened the media to link her to the case, remains silent. When it became known that the National Court had decided to prosecute Joakim Broberg (her stepson) and Lars Broberg (her husband) for allegedly belonging to a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering, she declared that it has “absolutely no implication within the municipal sphere. In addition, in recent weeks she has threatened to denounce anyone who links her to the plot.

Since then, this medium has revealed that the stepson himself congratulated his partner for “having” Andalusia, Marbella and Estepona after the electoral victory in the 2019 regional elections; that the city council awarded five contracts valued at more than 640,000 euros to a company that Judge García Castellón suspects was used to launder drug money; and that the mayor received from her husband and forwarded an email to the works councilor with an offer from that company, which ended up winning the tender.

“It’s scary. We have ended up seeing a direct link between Mrs. Muñoz and a criminal organization plot. And we don’t know what we are going to see next week”, lamented Bernal.


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