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The PSOE fires the goalkeepers from their booth at the Fair after beating up a young man who attacked them to enter

The booth of the PSOE in Seville at the April Fair has been the scene of a violent altercation, which occurred on Tuesday night, when a young man tried to gain access by strongly attacking the doormen of the premises followed by another young man who also charged against them. Next, the guards responded by repeatedly attacking both young people with blows and kicks, leading a “disproportionate” reaction according to both the PSOE and the City Council, who have regretted the events.

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A video that collects the incident went viral this Wednesday, being able to appreciate that a young man tries to violently enter the booth (which is free access) and that he is repelled by the goalkeepers, who continued to hit and kick him despite having the controlled situation. He was also punched several times by another young man who apparently wanted to help the first one.

The PSOE of Seville has “strongly” condemned the incidents, while announcing that it has opened an investigation to “get to the bottom of the matter”, agreeing from the outset to remove the access personnel involved in the events.

“We understand that the people who were working on access control exceeded their functions and reacted in a totally disproportionate way to the events that took place,” says the PSOE, describing the events as “unfortunate”, but noting that it is “Isolated” acts, because “throughout the Fair the environment of the booth has been exceptional, with many families and young people, without access restrictions and without any problems”.

“Disproportionate behavior”

For his part, the councilor for the Interior and Major Festivals, the socialist Juan Carlos Cabrera, explained at a press conference that the events, broadcast by means of a video recorded by one of the people who were in the vicinity of the PSOE booth, reflect that “the access controllers may have behaved excessively in the face of the attack by two people who, inappropriately, attacked them, because they wanted to enter at all costs” in the booth.

“The PSOE has spoken with the case maker to determine the consequences of this remarkable fact and the case maker has intervened, terminating the contract of those access controllers,” explained Cabrera.

Sources from the National Police and the Local Police have specified to Europa Press that none of the bodies has received a complaint for the events in question, moving to the booth a crew of Local Police officers, upon whose arrival the incident had already concluded and dissolved the situation.

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