Tuesday, March 28

The PSOE loses the first position with a flight of votes towards the platforms of the Emptied Spain

Failure for the PSOE in Castilla y León: it loses nearly 100,000 votes and, with them, the first position that Luis Tudanca achieved in 2019 after decades of victories for the PP. He then he was left at the gates of governing, but this time there is no option. This has been recognized by Tudanca himself, who has opened the door for him to leave after being re-elected leader of the PSOE in Castilla y León a few months ago. “We have not achieved the objective that was to win the elections and a majority that would allow a change. I have given absolutely everything. I have emptied myself working for this land that I love so much, but it has not been enough. Be convinced that others will come who will do more and will bring change to this land”, he said in his appearance when the results were known.

The PP wins the elections in Castilla y León but needs the extreme right to govern

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Winning in the number of votes was the objective that Ferraz had set himself in the last days of the campaign in which Pedro Sánchez intensified his presence in the face of the fiasco that the polls predicted for Alfonso Fernández Mañueco. The Socialists had started the fight with low expectations, but in the campaign they maintained that they had gone from less to more, but at the polls they have endured worse than expected, losing seven prosecutors and with a flight of votes towards the provincial platforms, such as Soria Ya!, which rises to the first position taking two seats from the PSOE as well as Union of the Leonese People.

“It is evident that the PSOE has been penalized by the fragmentation of local candidacies,” acknowledged the Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra, in assessing the results in Ferraz in which she made an optimistic reading despite the defeat. “We tie in six provinces,” said Lastra, who recalled that they are barely separated by 20,000 votes from the PP: “Very far from the objective that Mr. Casado was looking for.”

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has congratulated Alfonso Fernández Mañueco for his result in the elections, where the PP has gone from 29 to 31 seats and has become the leading force in the region. In the same message through his Twitter account, Sánchez also congratulated the socialist candidate Luis Tudanca and the party in the region “for an exemplary campaign and the great support obtained.” “You are the alternative,” he said, after the party has gone from being the first to the second force and has lost seven prosecutors compared to 2019, to stay with 28.

The PSOE points to the “failure” of Casado

In a national key, the prior management of expectations gives the PSOE a breath of fresh air because it is barely a point and a half behind the PP above 30% of the votes in a traditionally conservative territory. And above all what allows Sánchez to breathe is that Pablo Casado has not been successful in his attempt to repeat the feat of Isabel Díaz Ayuso -a comfortable victory that allowed him to govern alone by touching the absolute majority- with what he sought to wear down the socialist leader. Ferraz speaks directly of “failure” of Genoa. The PP only gets two more seats than in 2019 and will have to change partners. Santiago Abascal has made clear on election night his intention that the Vox candidate occupy the vice presidency of the Government.

“Let no one, especially the PP and Mr. Casado, make a mistake in reading the results. Mr. Casado and Mr. Mañueco decided to call these elections because it was convenient for them, not for the citizens of Castilla y León (…); They started the campaign practically announcing an absolute majority and have ended up counting the minutes and asking for the time”, said the number two of the PSOE, Adriana Lastra: “They wanted all the power, but they have only managed to make the extreme right more powerful and that It affects all of us Spaniards”.

“Casado ordered these elections and he will have to assume the consequences of their result. The PP wanted to provoke an ‘Ayuso’ effect and Vox has achieved an effect,” Lastra said about Casado: “He has campaigned hate that he only lacked to ask for the I vote for Vox”. “They are capable of anything, including trying to turn this community into the first to govern the extreme right. After years of immobility, the PP is surrendering this time to involution, my fear is that Casado and Mañueco drag Castilla y León with them It is not a good day for Castilla y León and only the PP is responsible for this situation”, Lastra has sentenced in an appearance in which he has not admitted questions from journalists.

Regrets the atomization of the vote

At the national level, the PSOE breathes a certain relief because it has obtained 30% of the votes in a conservative territory, which in its opinion shows that Sánchez is not in danger. “If the PSOE is at 29% or 30% in Castilla y León, which is not ours, explain to me how it can be at 26% in Spain,” they argued in Ferraz on Friday.

Even so, socialist sources admit that they have received a “blow” that they explain to a large extent by the competition of the provincial platforms, which have kept four of their seats. Syria Now! It has given him a good bite despite the fact that Sánchez has rolled up his sleeves in recent days and the promises of decentralization of institutions towards that area especially affected by depopulation. The platform of the Empty Spain not only steals two seats, but also takes the first position -the socialists leave more than 10,000 votes-. The alarms are going off for a PSOE that governs in the capital with an absolute majority and that goes from having about 49% to about 20%.

In León, the socialists did manage to maintain the first position, but they fell from six to four attorneys, who were won by the Union of the Leonese People. In Segovia they leave one seat and go from three to two -in addition to losing the first position-. The distribution of the ‘remains’ has taken its toll on them in Salamanca, where they lose one of the four attorneys they got in 2019, and in Valladolid, where it remains the first force, but they go from 6 to 5 seats. They also maintain the first position in Burgos, with five seats, and in Palencia (with three). In Zamora it retains the three procurators, but loses the first position, and in Ávila it remains as it is (with two).