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The PSOE-M rejects its own tax for Madrid but defends fiscal harmonization and that the “upper classes” pay more

The PSOE spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Hana Jalloul, has rejected this Friday that an own tax be created for the Community of Madrid, but she has advocated advancing in the fiscal harmonization in which the Government works, because they believe that ” taxes have to be progressive “and that” the upper classes are the ones who have to pay more. ”

This has been assured in an interview on Telemadrid, collected by Europa Press, in which he has indicated that his training is addressing this issue in the regional presentation that they will take to the 40th Federal Congress to be held by the PSOE in Valencia.

The socialist spokesperson has affirmed “they have always spoken of fiscal harmonization” but “nothing of any particular tax for Madrid or nothing to raise taxes in Madrid”. “We believe that taxes have to be progressive and that the upper classes are the ones that have to pay more,” he defended.

This fiscal harmonization would serve to respond, as he explained, to the fact that “in the Community of Madrid there are taxes that are not collected” and “that is not invested in the working class,” the case of the property tax has given as an example. .

Wealth tax

“What happens in this Community is that since there are many taxes that are not collected, such as Heritage, what it does is that, for example, 19,000 taxpayers save more than 900 million and that is not invested in the middle and working classes” , has detailed.

In this sense, he has criticized that large fortunes come to Madrid to avoid paying taxes, so he is committed to changing the system to “invest that money that is stopped being charged in health and education, because if not the Welfare State will not can hold “. “This does not affect the middle and lower classes, we do not tax them. That is important for citizens to know,” he reiterated.

In any case, Jalloul has insisted that harmonization does not mean raising taxes, but that the collection of taxes “is equal in all places, equal in all communities.”

“A difficult moment” for the PSOE of Madrid

On the other hand, the socialist deputy has acknowledged that the party is going through “a difficult time in Madrid, with organic processes.” “I am happy, I tour many municipalities, I am learning a lot and we see first-hand what people really need. It is the social thermometer that allows you to see what people need. I quite like sitting with the neighbors. We have spoken with the doctors of the health centers, teachers, etcetera, “he said about his work.

Regarding the departure of Pepu Hernández from the PSOE spokesperson in the City Council of the capital, Madrid politics has responded that the changes “are opportunities.” “Pepu has had his moment and we are grateful to him. Now it is something else. I have met with Mar Espinar several times already, he is doing a great job. Now we have a very firm coordination between the Parliamentary and Municipal Group. We have to be positive and things happen because they have to. In life you have to stop and think, “he added.

Jalloul has also had good words for the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, whom he considers his “great reference to be of this party.” “My main motivation is that I firmly believe in your project. It has brought good things to Spain, such as European funds and the social shield. My greatest admiration,” he stressed.

Reaching consensus on politics

In another vein, the socialist parliamentary spokesperson has confirmed that she will attend the meeting proposed by Más Madrid against hate crimes, but she would like the PP to attend, which has refused to attend, and even Vox, which was not invited.

“In politics we have to reach certain consensus and freedoms. I don’t know why they don’t come but we should all be seated. I said that Vox has to moderate the tone. We have to be careful and reach a consensus,” he said on one topic , hate crimes, which politics indicates are increasing in Madrid and the affected groups are more insecure than before.

Regarding the meeting held a few days ago with the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Hana Jalloul has indicated that her position is “to reach out, be firmly loyal” in the opposition. “The meeting was friendly and we asked many questions and they answered almost everything,” he said.

“It is a good start, the important thing is that citizens see that we reach consensus. It seems that on the day we politicians have to throw things at our heads and it does not have to always be like that. In life, education is always a value We make a firm opposition, in municipalities, denouncing situations such as those of the residents of San Fernando (affected by the works of Metro line 7). That does not mean that there should be much tension. The good thing in politics is to be able to reach agreements “, he considers.

Light, immigration and mobility

Jalloul has also covered other topical issues, such as immigration. In his opinion, we have to do a lot of pedagogy in schools, and inclusive policies. “Madrid is a very diverse city. Make policies like those of Vox in the campaign relating ‘menas’ with nefarious crime. We must work more with these children, open more places in centers, work to guide them in the workplace, take away the stigma and talk about the richness of migrations, “he wielded.

Regarding the staggered rise in the price of the electricity bill in Spain, the regional parliamentarian admits that it is a problem that “worries them very much because they are concerned about vulnerable families.” “It depends on the price of gas, on different measures of the European Union, but the Government has lowered the VAT, has suspended the collection of a tax and is working on bills that will help the bill to be lowered by 15%. That is to say That the Government is already working on it and we hope that the bill will be reduced, “he said.

Finally, when asked about the new mobility ordinance drawn up by the capital’s government team, he considers that “it is not positive because many more cars are going to enter” the city. And he has said that he would like to sit down with the mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to discuss this and other issues that affect Madrid. “The relationship has to be cordial with everyone”, has ended.

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