Tuesday, February 20

The PSOE maintains its distance from the PP at the expense of United We Can, according to the CIS

CIS January 2022

CIS vote estimate (in % of the total valid vote)

The 2022 begins without changes in the distance that separates PSOE and PP, according to the barometer of the Center for Sociological Research. The gap between the two remains at eight points, although both experience a rise compared to a month ago. The Socialists steal a few tenths from United We Can, while the PP feeds on the sustained decline in Citizens, which sinks below 5% for the first time.

The first barometer of the year raises the PSOE to 28.5 of the votes. It is the result that the CIS estimates it would obtain if general elections were held again tomorrow. The data implies a rise of half a point compared to a month ago and places it slightly above the results obtained in November 2019.

This rise is explained in part by the decline that United We Can suffer this month. The party went from 13.7% in December to 13.1% in January, a drop of six tenths that places the formation very close to the results obtained on 10N. Of those six tenths, the PSOE takes five, and it is this transfer in the vote estimate that allows the Socialists to maintain the advantage over the PP in a barometer that also gives a rise to those of Pablo Casado.