Friday, May 27

The PSOE of Madrid separates the deputy Carmen López from all the commissions for the investigation of her daughter for fraud against the UGT

The general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid and spokesman for the socialists in the regional Assembly, Juan Lobato, announced this Wednesday that he is removing the deputy Carmen López from all her responsibilities in the commissions in the regional Parliament in which she participated, such as the Recruitment Surveillance, after learning that his daughter is being investigated for a fraud against the UGT union.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Community of Madrid denounced on March 30 López’s daughter, an employee of UGT Madrid, for allegedly diverting two million euros from the union to her husband and three close friends, against whom the Prosecutor’s Office also files the complaint for a crime of continued fraud and falsehood in a commercial document.

“The group’s leadership has made the decision to remove her from all the responsibilities of the different parliamentarians to protect her and the interest of the development of our political action. For his own good, the most logical thing is that he would not continue assuming these responsibilities in the different commissions”, Lobato stated.

The socialist spokesman has acknowledged that a possible resignation from the act of deputy by López was discussed at the group meeting, but he has pointed out that it is something that is “a personal decision, which she has to reflect on, and not the party’s.” ”.

“That has to be her decision and within these reflections one option could be that, but that decision does not correspond to me, but to the deputy. This was raised in a conversation but not as an instruction but as one of the possibilities that she would have to assume personally, ”Lobato has maintained, acknowledging that the parliamentarian is going through a “complex and delicate” moment.

Now, Lobato throws the ball now to the roof of the Popular Party. According to the general secretary of the PSOE in Madrid “the PP will have to decide what it is going to do” with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, “if they are going to remove her from her position or not”, in relation to the investigation opened in the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and in the European Prosecutor’s Office for the 1.5 million euro finger contract from the regional government to Priviet Sportive during the pandemic, for which the president’s brother would have charged a commission.