Monday, October 18

The PSOE of Murcia accuses López Miras of turning the Mar Menor “into the largest landfill in the European Union”

The regional deputy of the PSOE Carmina Fernández has criticized that the president of the Murcian Community, Fernando López Miras, increased “uncontrollably by tens of thousands of copies despite the fact that several organizations and experts alerted him to the lack of control of the farms and how they were damaging the salt lake “, according to information collected by The socialist has assured that the Government of Murcia has turned the Mar Menor into the “largest landfill in the European Union.”

The Government of Murcia ignored several warnings that the macro-farms of pigs contaminated the Mar Menor

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“It is his way of doing politics: only for a few, without thinking about the common good and with a clear objective of preying on the environment in order to satisfy the greed and interests of the clientelistic networks that keep him in power,” he said. explained.

Fernández has indicated that it does not come as a surprise, since the European Commission already notified the regional government in 2018 of the impact that nitrates were having on the Mar Menor, and the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), in 2019 , warned of the incidence that pig farms were causing in the Mar Menor. “López Miras has allowed all kinds of attacks on the Mar Menor, aware of the damage they were doing to the lagoon, and has not lifted a finger. Once again, it is shown that the PP is only concerned with protecting the interests of a few and that they are dedicated to setting up little theaters to divert attention and blame others, “commented the Socialist deputy.

Fernández also wanted to point out that the regional government does not have personnel to control, inspect and sanction those who pollute, and that they have dismantled the services of the regional administration that protect the environment. “They dismantle the services so as not to resolve the files and prevent the technicians from doing their work and highlighting with the reports the environmental looting that they are allowing in the Region of Murcia. Until they destroy the last centimeter of natural space, they will not to stop “, has pointed out the regional deputy.

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