Friday, September 22

The PSOE vindicates the employers after Yolanda Díaz accused her of “not measuring up”

The PSOE distances itself from the harsh words of the Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, against businessmen for the refusal to reach an income pact that translates into an increase in wages. While the leader of United We Can in the coalition has assured that the bosses “are not up to the country’s standards”, Pedro Sánchez’s party has vindicated the work carried out by businessmen in the framework of social dialogue. “If the Government has shown anything throughout the legislature, it is our commitment to negotiation and agreement and that is what we are going to continue supporting”, said the Socialist spokesperson and Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, who recalled that the Entrepreneurs have been “putting their shoulders to the wheel” during the difficult moments of the pandemic, reaching up to 14 agreements, including the labor reform.

Patxi López appeals to Podemos to keep the “noise” away and defend what the Government is doing

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“Unlike the PP, it has known how to be at the side of the people, putting its shoulders to the wheel and closing ranks with the Government,” Alegría expressed in reference to the employer’s association. “We have managed, through this sincere, clear and effective dialogue, to reach more than 14 agreements. That is going to be the line that we are going to maintain”, the socialist spokeswoman has added hours after Díaz has assured that “the unions have reasons to mobilize”. Faced with this position, the PSOE has vindicated the “good work” of the social agents.

“We have seen an example of solidarity by the unions and the bosses. After seeing how they have behaved, I would like to transfer the recognition to the work they have been carrying out and respect that area of ​​collective bargaining”, Alegría has settled.

The socialist spokeswoman has tried to avoid the controversy with the allies of the Government regarding the increase in military spending after Díaz said on Cadena SER that he was giving a “clue” by ensuring that it had not been included in the spending ceiling. Sources from the Socialist leadership point out that this tool makes it possible to establish rules for budgeting but that it does not involve a breakdown of the items, which is what now has to be negotiated.

Alegría has taken for granted that the General State Budgets for 2023 will go ahead with an agreement first with the minority partner of the coalition and then with the usual allies of the Government, but has avoided entering into Sánchez’s commitment at all times to increase already in that exercise the Defense game that committed coinciding with the celebration of the NATO summit in Madrid.

On up to five occasions journalists have asked him if that commitment is still valid and on none of them has he responded emphatically. “We know what our numerical capacity is, but our capacity to reach agreements through dialogue is known”, said Alegría, who has assured that the Government and the PSOE not only recognize each other by “words” but also by “ facts”. “Sánchez is a man of words and deeds”, they respond in the address to the question of whether the budgets will reflect the increase in military spending to which he has committed. The Socialists try to avoid the melee with United We Can, to which the parliamentary spokesman, Patxi López, has asked this Monday to reduce the “noise”.

The PSOE intends to launch the machinery for the municipal and regional elections of 2023 with a campaign called “the Government of the people” that will lead Pedro Sánchez to hold up to 30 events until the end of the year. It will begin this Saturday in Seville and the following, in Toledo. “In the face of that government of the people [ha dicho Alegría tras referirse a medidas como la subida del Salario Mínimo Interprofesional, los ERTE, los préstamos ICO o la bonificación de los transportes] we have found a PP subscribed to the no”, he asserted. “In the worst moments he has not put his shoulders to the wheel and has not been on the side of the citizenry. His most recurrent proposal is to always be against everything”, has sentenced the spokeswoman, who has appeared in Ferraz after the meeting of the Executive together with the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, who has been convinced that the PSOE will win the elections May: “We are going to win them comfortably in 2023.”