Thursday, January 27

The purchase of commercial real estate as an investment alternative grows

The real estate sector is more fashionable than ever and is consolidated as the best alternative to investment. The growth of the economy, the prospect of higher inflation levels and the ease of financing make it the safest option to guarantee attractive future returns for both large and small investors.

The commercial reactivation that goes hand in hand with this recovery in the economy has caused the investment appetite, Always with an eye on real estate, it has put its eyes especially on the tertiary segment (logistics, industrial, offices, hotels, commercial premises) that would have reached around 2,300 million euros in the second quarter of the year, according to the JLL consulting firm.

A volume of operations encouraged by large investors, with international funds taking advantage of this market scenario where savers with less capital also have a place. Why? Because in recent months a wide range of opportunities has been activated that open the door for these savers to bet on one of the star sectors.

A safe bet, since it is supported by that financing facility that banks offer at the mortgage level right now, due to the low level of interest rates that irrigate this type of real estate segments less known than residential, such as tertiary : warehouses, commercial premises, offices …

Protection against inflation

Not only that: in a panorama where the clouds of inflation are looming, these opportunities to invest in the real-estate market They take on even more prominence to hedge against the effects of the price hike.

These forecasts are produced in a context where prices are still contained, with only slight increases, which are mainly reflected in the residential segment.

It is therefore time to bet on other types of alternatives in the real estate market: you have to open your eyes and take an in-depth look at the commercial segment. There is growth potential in non-home assets that large investors are already seeing and small savers can take advantage of.

Assets that accompany the moment of commercial reactivation

Commercial premises, logistics and industrial warehouses and even shopping centers are a type of real estate assets that go hand in hand with the economic recovery and that can accompany small investors who dare to invest at a propitious moment for it.

In these months, commercial activity has resurfaced in the heat of the increase in consumption after the high percentage of vaccinated population and the boom in e-commerce has increased the need for locales dedicated exclusively to logistics.

Another coveted asset is Hotels, especially those located in rural areas: proximity tourism and in natural spaces has emerged as one of the tourist preferences in recent months, and they are positioned as an investment opportunity with a future.

And it is towards this type of investors with a certain capital that they bet on embarking on new projects where Aliseda Inmobiliaria puts its experience as one of the real estate managers with the greatest regional capillarity, through a website that facilitates the search for the type of asset.

From hotel complexes already consolidated in tourist enclaves such as the Valencian Community until industrial ships in areas that are positioned to become major European logistics hubs such as Malaga, and even opportunities for commercial premises in one of the best known streets of Madrid and chosen by the big brands such as Calle Orense.

These are some of the assets that can be found on the online platform where the company has turned over, after an exhaustive analysis of its portfolio, the most attractive assets for this type of investors, also offering them the added legal security and a whole team of professionals with extensive experience to accompany them in their commitment to the tertiary sector.