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The “rage” of María Salmerón’s daughter after entering prison, “that place that her abuser, despite being convicted, never set foot on”

Miriam, the daughter of María Salmerón, has shared with the press this Thursday a text after her mother’s admission to the women’s prison in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) where she expresses her “rage” at having seen her mother enter a prison, “that place that her abuser, despite being convicted, never set foot on”.

The viacrucis of María Salmerón: about to enter the prison from which the man who mistreated her was spared

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“Today my worst nightmare has come true. I have had to witness my mother’s admission to a penitentiary. I have watched paralyzed as the doors of that place were closed behind her that her abuser, despite being convicted, never set foot on. I am broken and full of rage and impotence. Finally, that person who set out to ruin my mother’s life more than twenty years ago and with whom I share a last name, has managed to separate us. She has taken from me the pillar of my life, my protector, the woman who brought me into the world and who since that day has not stopped fighting for my happiness for a single moment, ”she has written.

Salmerón’s daughter has a memory for “the representatives of the government and judges involved” who “have allowed” the deed. “The Minister of Equality publicly said ‘we have failed’ in terms of not granting pardon to my mother, but no one has found a solution or corrected said ruling,” she says, calling for “the resignation” of the Minister of Justice, “not only responsible for sending my mother to jail but for humiliating us in the media by blaming the denial of pardon on alleged ‘records’ of disobedience already prescribed. All the rights of my mother are being violated, who has not even received a resolution of said pardon and whose file is being illegally hidden from her. She is not a criminal, because loving a daughter and putting her before everything else is not a crime.”

“I can’t help but feel that I am the one who should be in there, because I have always been the one who has refused to see the one who has never behaved like a father to me. I was the one who begged my mother hundreds of times not to take me to that hell. And now she is the one who, at 58 years old and with health problems, is punished and kicked out of her house for protecting me. There is no way to repair this injustice, no one can erase everything that we both have suffered, but they can set my mother free and return her to my side”, says Miriam.

The young woman, who turns 22 in ten days, regrets that “my mother will not be able to give me a hug.” “I guess that is the first and only birthday present that I will receive from my father, the tremendous unhappiness of not being able to be with the person I love the most.”

“7 years ago I wrote: When is someone going to help me? The only thing I want is to live in peace with my mother and for nobody to bother us, is that too much to ask? If my father really wanted me well, he would stop hurting me and let me lead a normal adolescence, after most of my childhood was screwed up by him. I wish I could tell that 15-year-old Miriam that everything is going to be better, that she would finally be able to rest. But it would be a lie. I feel helpless and plunged into immense pain. I ask for justice and urgent measures to return my mother to my side, ”she says in the lines shared with the press.

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