Friday, September 29

The rain causes a spectacular landslide in Montserrat without causing injuries

The heavy rain that has fallen on the Montserrat massif has caused an important landslide of water, stones and branches in the early afternoon of this Friday near the hotel in the abbey. The images released by the Generalitat Bombers show the spectacular avalanche that has swept away everything, despite the fact that there have been no injuries or significant material losses.

The announcement took place at 1:57 p.m., and two fire brigade crews went to the scene of the events, which did not detect, in their first assessment, any structural damage to the buildings. However, they have preventively evacuated the hotel, although there have been no injuries. The landslide has cut the local road BP-1103. According to Meteocat, in half an hour about 30 liters of water fell per square meter.