Monday, December 4

The rain in the interior of Castellón during the early morning paralyzes the advance of the Bejís fire

The rain that fell this morning in the surroundings of the Bejís forest fire, in the Alto Palancia region of Castellón, has reduced the flame to almost disappearing around the entire perimeter.

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As reported this Thursday by Emergency sources of the Generalitat Valenciana, in the last few hours measurements of between 14 and 20 liters per square meter of rain have been recorded in this area, which together with a higher relative humidity in the environment have been factors positives in the fire, although there are still very hot areas.

Throughout this morning, a total of 34 aerial means will act again, of them 9 from the Valencian Generalitat, 18 from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, three from the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, another three from the Generalitat de Catalunya and one of the Government of Aragon.

Last night, five forest fire departments from the Generalitat, three fire departments from the Diputación de Castellón, a fire department from Valencia, a fire department from Castilla-La Mancha and a fire department from the area of Castellon security.

With regard to the Vall d’Ebo, an accumulated rainfall of 39.4 mm has been recorded in the last 12 hours, so the perimeter is stable after the rains. There has been a small reproduction in the Benimassot area, but it is already controlled: “At the moment, there is no flame on any front.”

other fires

Firefighters have controlled tonight the forest fire declared last day in Petrer (Alicante), while others have been declared in the Valencian towns of Albaida, due to lightning, and Benaguasil, according to 112 of the Generalitat.

The Petrer fire was controlled around 00:30 on Thursday by the Alicante Provincial Firefighters Consortium. This fire forced situation 1 of the special plan to be established and preventive evacuation of the municipality’s Caprala camp, where ten people were staying.

The affected area in Petrer is known as Solana del Caballo, where three air vehicles, two forest firefighters, two fire engines and an environmental agent were mobilized. Later, four aerial means deployed in the Vall d’Ebo forest fire (Alicante) were incorporated, which is still active with better forecasts.

For its part, the Albaida fire was declared late this Wednesday afternoon in the Covalta area, close to the border with the province of Alicante. Initially, two forest firefighter units were mobilized there with two fire engines and an environmental agent.

Early this Thursday, according to the latest update, the Albaida fire is still active after a night in which four units of forest firefighters from the Generalitat and four fire trucks have worked.

And the Benaguasil fire affects the Traveses game in a mountain area. The proximity of houses has forced to establish situation 1 of the special plan of the Emergency Coordination Center of the Generalitat.

Throughout the day, the Valencian Community continues one more day at an extreme pre-emergency level due to the risk of forest fires throughout the territory.