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The Range Rover SV has 1.6 million ways to configure itself | Digital Trends Spanish

We recently got to know the fifth generation of the 2022 Land Rover Range Rover, one of the most celebrated SUVs on the planet, whose extreme luxury features rival, and somewhat contradict, its off-road capabilities. The new generation is an evolution of the previous model but steps on the accelerator in terms of luxury and technology.

Today Jaguar Land Rover presents the top variant of the Range Rover line, the vehicle that we will know as the Range Rover SV. This super exclusive variant of the luxurious and exclusive Range Rover can only be purchased with the 4.4-liter, 523-horsepower V8 biturbo engine that is optional for the rest of the brand, but we cannot imagine how an electrified powertrain will not be one. options for the future of SV.

But more than a model, the Range Rover SV represents the option to configure and customize this beautiful truck to the taste of its buyer, who to access such a privilege must have well-stocked pockets.

The experience will likely be worth the agony of deciding from the more than 1.6 million possible configurations that Jaguar Land Rover estimates are available for the SV, which include new materials for unprecedented use in a car.

These materials include decorative ceramic pieces used in both the bodywork and the cabin of the new Range Rover SV. Outside the ceramic is found in the SV identification medallions, Jaguar Land Rover’s specialty vehicles division, while in the cabin the material is obtained in the gear selector, the volume controls and the dial of the Terrain system. Response to choose the different driving modes. Jaguar Land Rover tells us that the production process for these parts takes about 10 weeks to complete and is accomplished through a precision grinder, diamond grinding, and sandblasting. Range Rover SV buyers will also be able to opt for ceramic-coated finishes.

The eternal wood veneers are also part of the menu of options but with an innovation, since the manufacturer will offer panels with wood mosaics creating decorative patterns, which are achieved through a process that includes hundreds of laser-cut pieces of wood. placed by hand, some as small as a quarter by a third of an inch (6mm x 8mm). In the extended base Range Rover SV this material is found in the center console, in its rear extension and even in the door of the small refrigerator that is located between the two individual seats in the second row of seats.

In terms of upholstery, the Range Rover SV can be equipped with semi-aniline and quasi-aniline leather in unique seats and specific SV-level embroidery patterns, making use of advances in production techniques that waste less leather than before. For those who do not feel comfortable sitting on the skins of dead animals, the Range Rover SV can be equipped with Ultrafabrics, a super resistant fabric of sustainable origin, which can be chosen in the color Light Cloud, or light cloud in Spanish, or Cinder Gray. which can be translated as ash gray.

The Range Rover SV is easily distinguishable from its more commoner versions thanks to six variant-exclusive 23-inch wheel designs, metal grille trim and a unique front bumper. Buyers will be able to choose from a selection of regular colors from the Range Rover palette or choose from an additional 14 colors from the SV Bespoke premium catalog that includes gloss and satin finishes. Jaguar Land Rover also offers the SV Bespoke Match to Sample service that reproduces any color the customer indicates, which will not be cheap.

For customers who don’t want to deal with the burden of having to choose from 1.6 million options, Jaguar Land Rover offers preconfigured design themes, which are still subject to customization.

Although Jaguar Land Rover did not disclose when the new ultra Range Rover will arrive at its dealerships, or what its hefty price will be, it did announce that order books will open in early 2022, leading us to assume that the first units They will begin to beautify America’s streets as a 2023 model in the fall of next year.

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