Tuesday, March 28

The rapper Morad denies having tried to rob a home in Barcelona: “I had no need”

The criminal court number 11 has held this Wednesday the hearing of the rapper Morad and another young man for an attempted robbery at a home in Barcelona in February 2018. The two individuals allegedly tried to enter a farm in the Putxet neighborhood, bursting the lock with a screwdriver, and, being surprised by a neighbor coming down, they insulted and threatened the man because he took a picture of them and fled.

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Morad, to questions from his lawyer, has denied the facts, assuring that he had no incident with anyone. “He had no need,” he has claimed. The other defendant has spoken along the same lines, noting that he was “at home with the mother.”

The prosecution asks for a year and a half in prison for attempted robbery with force in an inhabited house and one more year for unconditional threats to each of the accused. The defenses, on the contrary, ask for acquittal considering that there is no “conclusive” evidence to prove the facts and their authorship.

The events date back to February 12, 2018, around half past ten in the morning, when the two defendants would have tried to access a home, forcing the front door with a screwdriver. It was at that moment that, as he explained during the trial, one of his neighbors came out and saw them. “They didn’t sound like anything to me,” he said. As he has recounted, he approached them and asked them where they were going, and they told him that they were waiting for an acquaintance.

“When they left I went to the door and from there I took three photos of them,” he added. Noticing her, he explained that they tried to attack him and rebuked him saying they would kill him. The man closed the portal inside and when they were already far away he came out again and provided information to the agents about how they were dressed.

A version that has nothing to do with that of the defendants, who have chosen only to answer questions from their lawyers. Morad has said that he was not at the scene and has also assured that he had no incident with anyone. “In 2018 I was starting to work in the world of music, that day I don’t know where I was going on the subway but surely to do something related to my artistic career, I didn’t study or work,” he explained.

Several Mossos d’Esquadra agents also testified during the session, pointing out that they were able to identify the accused by comparing the photographs taken by the neighbor with some images from the Lesseps metro cameras. In these, several details of the young people could be observed, such as the constitution, the face, or the tattoos. They also matched the man’s description of what they were wearing.

In the conclusions, the prosecutor has stressed that the facts and authorship have been proven. In this sense, she has valued the victim’s witness who has explained himself in an “orderly” way, “without contradictions” and with “great objectivity”. She has also recalled that the agents are “specialists” in terms of recognition and has pointed out that the images and photographs are more than enough to prove the facts.

As for the defense, the two lawyers have agreed that there is a lack of evidence and one of them has pointed out that the photographs on the street could be “of any of the people who were on the street at that time”. They have also questioned the fact that no screwdriver has been found and that there are no prints of the door that would have been forced, which did not show any damage either.

In fact, they have lamented that through some indications the principle of presumption of innocence has been distorted, adding that the story constructed through indications does not consist of sufficient “sharpness and clarity”. “The diligence has been done with contamination from external influences,” Morad’s lawyer has riveted.