Sunday, April 2

The rapper who wants to smash McDonald’s: “I’m the reason everyone loves it”

Rapper Pusha T cannot be denied his fearlessness. The MC, born in the Bronx but raised in Virginia, where he was part of clipse, a precursor duo in the success of the mixtapes, was the element of friction between two of the great global music stars, Kanye West and Drake. In its diss track (term used to define a theme with which another artist is insulted) The Story of Addidon made public that Drake had a son, information that the Toronto man understood would have been leaked by Kanye. Tensions between the two have lasted until very recently.

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And if you are already daring to face one of the most famous artists in the world, the next beef, or tiraera, Pusha T’s points further. Specifically McDonald’s, one of the most powerful brands and recognizable on the planet. She has done it with another diss trackonly 75 seconds this time, promoting a spicy fish sandwich for another fast food chain, Arby’s.

To understand what phrases like “I am the reason why everyone loves him, now I have to crush him” hide (“I’m the reason the whole world love it, now I gotta crush it”) on Spicy Fish Diss Track or why an inelegant clown appears in the video that evokes, in some way, Ronald McDonald, one would have to go back almost two decades. More specifically, until 2003, when McDonald’s launched the famous campaign I’m Lovin’ It, one of the first in which the brand was associated with hip-hop and R&B artists. The catchy tune, which remains completely recognizable, propelled the brand. The jingle The initial version featured phrases by Pusha T along with his brother Malice, as well as some choirs by Justin Timberlake, but a subsequent reinterpretation of this was more successful, in full song format, with production by Pharrell Williams.

As the rapper himself explained earlier in the week on rolling stone, the reason for his continued anger over so many years has to do with a disastrous negotiation. pusha t wears time claiming that his authorship was not fairly rewarded and, although there are several versions of the story, it does seem clear that he collected between half and a million dollars at once, without securing part of the profits. royalties. Some copyrights that would include Pharrell Williams and Justin Timberlake, who also pocketed 6 millions Just to sing your song

It is unlikely that all the fringes of a contract dating from 2003 will come to light and that it was very likely armored with strict confidentiality clauses. Between the different interpretations of the matter are included from the fact that Pusha T acted as a ‘ghost composer’ and agreed to a bad deal, due to his inexperience, to others in which it is affirmed that his involvement was not as definitive as he argues and that he takes advantage of the secrecy surrounding the matter to sow confusion for their own benefit.

Even so, the rapper does not miss the opportunity to be hurtful, stating things like that he doubts whether McDonald’s equivalent of Arby’s is really fish or that “Mickey D’s” (Ronald McDonald) budget is so meager that he can’t afford a full slice of cheese. What he does seem to have improved on is the way of closing deals: Pusha T assures that this time, in a collaboration that started in 2018holds up to a 40% of royalties.

The move is master both for Pusha T, who gains promotion in the face of an imminent album whose single has caused very good feelings, as for Arby’s, whose quote on social networks It has shot up like foam. As everything beef of category, it would only be necessary to know if the rival will fight back to be able to enjoy a good public brawl. At the moment there is no response from McDonald’s, although there are already fans loyal to the brand that have risen diss tracks unofficial to refute the controversial claims.

Around with the ‘beef’

The beef’soften translated as tiraeras in Spanish, they are a constant in the history of hip-hop. Resolved sometimes peacefully and others unluckily, some of the great careers of the genre would not be understood without the enmities they left behind. While in the United States the rivalries between Notorius BIG and Tupac Shakur or Nas against Jay-Z were classic, in Spain two clashes between C. Tangana before becoming El Madrileño, first with The Children of the Corn and then with yung beef.

The entity of his rivals is one of the elements that most define the category of a rapper, so for a beef can be understood as classic, the ‘cockfight’ must be balanced. For that reason, Residente’s session with Bizarrap, where he mercilessly hits J Balvin, turns out to be watered down. as well explained Ruben Blades, there are artists who are afraid to ‘shoot’ for talent, bad milk and respect on the scene, and the Colombian is not one of them. Machine Gun Kelly was surprised to dare with Eminemwhose intimidation of his colleagues could be equivalent in our country to Kase-O.