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The real income of CoinEx ambassadors: Refund of referral commissions of up to 50%

CoinEx, a global platform for cryptocurrency trading, introduced the Ambassador Program as early as 2020. At CoinEx, ambassadors can benefit from referral commissions of up to 50%. The more users an ambassador invites, the more commission returns they will get. Currently, CoinEx’s incentive system for referral commission returns has extensive coverage that includes all the platform’s products and services. In addition, the exchange has also introduced different commission refund mechanisms for ambassadors of different levels.

So what is the actual income level of CoinEx ambassadors? Is it worth participating in the program?

Key points of the CoinEx Ambassador program

Suppose you are already ambassador from CoinEx, in addition to the large sum of commission returns, what other benefits can you enjoy? According to the CoinEx website, which can be summarized in the following 4 aspects:

  1. An official certificate of merit and exclusive peripheral products from CoinEx.
  2. Ambassadors can share resources with the CoinEx Exchange. The high-quality content created by the ambassadors will enjoy full media coverage by CoinEx.
  3. Ambassadors will enjoy a priority when participating in CoinEx events both online and offline, with a VIP entry automatically granted.
  4. CoinEx Ambassadors can experience the new features before other users. CoinEx invites ambassadors to closed beta testing of new CoinEx features, allowing them to participate in the product development process.

We can say that the CoinEx Ambassador Program is an empowerment to users by the exchange. A win-win process that involves community leaders and KOLs (opinion leaders), which is one of the charms of the CoinEx open ecosystem.

Now let’s take a look at the revenue. The main source of income for CoinEx ambassadors is referral commission returns. They receive a 50% refund of referral commissions for all CoinEx products, covering spot trading, margin trading and perpetual contracts, taking into account the current outcome of CoinEx trading, ambassadors can make profit significant.

If you are a KOL with some influence on channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or media platforms, then you can share your exclusive invitation link to CoinEx by embedding it in your articles, profiles, top videos, tweets, etc. Once a user with trading needs signs up for CoinEx through the invitation link you shared and trades on the spot market or on perpetual contracts, you will receive up to 50% of the trading commission paid by the invited user. According to data from the official CoinEx website, ambassadors earn an average monthly income of $ 1,200 in commission returns.

The Ambassador levels in CoinEx are progressive, and can also be regressive, that is, if an Ambassador does not complete the required criteria of the level qualification, their Ambassador level will go down. However, if the ambassador succeeds in completing the required promotional tasks, the corresponding commission refund benefits will still be available to him.

For all the above, it can be said that the CoinEx Ambassador Program is more user-friendly, providing tangible benefits to them.

About CoinEx

As a professional global cryptocurrency exchange service provider, CoinEx, was founded in December 2017. It is a subsidiary brand of ViaBTC Group, which owns one of the largest BTC mining pools, and is also the largest BCH mining pool in the world.

CoinEx supports the trading of perpetual contracts, spot, margin and other derivative operations; and its service reaches global users in nearly 100 countries / regions.

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