Thursday, September 29

The reason bread is banned in space | Digital Trends Spanish

The POT has a series of strict recommendations for astronauts in the International Space Stationsuch as taking a shower, drinking alcohol, or writing with a pen or pretending to sit on the bathroom throne like any mortal.

And bread is on that list of prohibited items:

“Crumbs, from bread, cookies, crackers, etc., don’t work well in space. They float and can fly into an astronaut’s eyes and interfere with important equipment. That’s why you’ll find tortillas used instead of bread in all the crafts that travel out of orbit », he says.

And with regard precisely to the danger it can pose to electrical appliances:

“They could be sucked into an air vent, lodge and start a fire. They can work their way into some expensive equipment and cause it to short-circuit,” he says. slashgear.

There is some history of eating bread on the ISS: “During the 1965 Gemini III mission, pilot John Young brought a corned beef sandwich with him in his space suit. A few hours after the flight, he took it off, took a bite and gave some to Commander Virgil “Gus” Grissom, who also participated, then quickly stuffed it into his suit. According to NASA, the sandwich was only out in the open for less than a minute, but some crumbs managed to break off.”

What is the solution that NASA has given? tortillas are a great option for astronauts for a variety of reasons. First of all, they do not produce many crumbs. Second, they are easy to store and take up little space with their shape. Third, they stay fresh much longer than sliced ​​bread. Lastly, they are nutritious.

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