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The records and great dates of Valentino Rossi’s career

The Italian Valentino Rossi, 42, retires from MotoGP on Sunday after the Valencia Grand Prix with an unparalleled track record and dizzying statistics: 432 Grands Prix, 235 podiums, 115 victories, 26 seasons and 9 titles counting all the world categories.

+ Titles

With a title in 125cc, one in 250cc, one in 500cc and six since the move to the MotoGP name, Rossi has a total of nine world titles. Although he is surpassed by his compatriot Giacomo Agostini, eight titles in 500cc and 15 in total between 1966 and 1975, he raced in the same year in two different categories (350cc and 500cc).

+ Victorias

With 115 victories counting all categories, ‘Vale’ has less than Giacomo Agostini (122), but Rossi has 89 victories in the premier class compared to 68 for Agostini.

Rossi has won Grand Prix with seven different bikes: 125cc Aprilia, 250cc Aprilia, 500cc Honda, 990cc Honda, 990cc Yamaha, 800cc Yamaha and 1000cc Yamaha. He is the only driver to have won over 500cc two-stroke, 990cc four-stroke, 800cc four-stroke and 1000cc four-stroke machines.

+ Podiums

Rossi is the rider who has climbed the podium more times in the world championship, 235 counting all the categories, of them 199 in the elite. Agostini, 2nd, stopped at 159.

+ Longevity

Twenty years and 311 days separate his first victory in 125cc in 1996 and his last in MotoGP in 2017, a record (16 years and 351 days between the first and last in the premier class).

In 2017 in the Netherlands, at 38 years and 129 days, he became the oldest rider to win a Grand Prix since the arrival of MotoGP in 2002 (before the modern era, six winners were older).

+ Racing

Proof of his record longevity, 26 seasons of which 22 at the highest level, Rossi has participated in 432 Grands Prix, of them 372 in MotoGP / 500cc, the last in Valencia this Sunday.

+ Pole positions

Author of 55 pole positions in MotoGP / 500cc (as well as 5 in 250 cm3 and 5 in 125 cm3), Rossi has been surpassed in this section by the Spanish Marc Márquez (62 in the premier class) and the Australian Mick Dohan (58) .

March 31, 1996: 125cc Malaysian Grand Prix, world championship debut

August 4, 1996: 125cc Austrian GP, ​​first world championship podium

August 18, 1996: 125cc Czech Republic GP, first world championship victory

August 31, 1997: 125cc Czech Republic GP, first 125cc world title

October 24, 1999: 250cc Brazilian GP, ​​250cc title

July 7, 2000: 500cc British GP, first premier class victory

October 14, 2001: Australian GP, ​​500cc title, first in premier class

September 21, 2002: Brazilian GP, ​​first MotoGP title, second in the premier class

October 12, 2003: Malaysian GP, ​​third premier class title

October 17, 2004: Australian GP, ​​fourth premier class title

September 25, 2005: Malaysian GP, ​​fifth title in the premier class

September 28, 2008: Japanese GP, sixth title in the premier class

October 25, 2009: Malaysian GP, ​​seventh and final premier class title, ninth world title

June 25, 2017: Dutch GP, 115th and last victory, 89th in the premier class

July 26, 2020: Andalusian GP, ​​235th and last podium, 199th in the premier class

November 14, 2021: Valencia GP, 432nd and last Grand Prix, 372nd in the premier class

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