Tuesday, November 29

The Red Bull Racing scooter that looks like a Formula 1 | Digital Trends Spanish

The team of Formula 1 Red Bull Racing has announced its first scooter. The RBS #01 is designed with carbon fiber, includes a 750W motor and boasts a range of 37 miles.

Also dubbed the “thoroughbred” of scooters, it uses a lot of racing technology in its construction. For one thing, you’ll find a lot of carbon fiber in its chassis. It is a material that is incredibly light for the resistance it provides. Red Bull has also paired the e-scooter with large-diameter wheels and soft-compound tires to better handle city streets and particularly twisty sidewalks. At the same time, a large foot platform makes it safer for beginners to find a comfortable posture.

In terms of raw specs, the e-scooter packs a 750W motor with a top speed of 28mph and a range of 37 miles from its 760Wh battery. The RBS #01 includes drilled brake rotors to stop at that speed, just like a performance car.

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