Tuesday, October 19

The regulations that China requests from technology platforms | Digital Trends Spanish

The Chinese government published a series of guidelines to regulate the algorithms of Internet information services.

According to Chinese media reports, these pose “challenges to safeguard ideological security and social justice.”

Those involved are the ministers of Education, Science, Industry, Public Security and Culture, as well as the China Cyberspace Administration.

The authorities acknowledge that algorithms have played an important role in the dissemination of information, the prosperity of the digital economy and the promotion of social development.

However, a statement signed by the five ministers ensures that “the irrational application of algorithms also affects the normal order of communication and the legitimate rights and interests of netizens.”

For this reason, the guidelines seek to establish a monitoring mechanism that is solid and that results in a transparent application of the algorithms.

In this way, the rules will prohibit algorithms from “interfering in public opinion, repressing competitors or putting or endangering economic development and social management.”

The algorithms are widely used by Chinese tech companies, including recommendation algorithms used by Alibaba, ByteDance, and Meituan, among others.

In August, the China Cyberspace Administration published draft guidelines to regulate algorithms, including proposals for companies not to establish models that force users to spend significant amounts of money and for them to have the option to disable services. simply and clearly.

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